Top 5 Best Smartphone Microphone In 2023

Are you in search of a microphone that you can use as a gadget with your smartphone? If yes, then you will be glad to know that there are a lot of smartphone microphones available in the market that can be easily connected to your android or iOS device and do high-quality recording for you.

I am sharing this review of the top 5 best smartphone microphones that you can buy and use as a media reporter or clip them to your dress for easy portability and use. These mics provide high-quality and efficient sound recording, which will deliver some great results for your video and audio recording.

So let’s discuss all of these microphones for smartphones in detail.

5 Best Smartphone Microphone

Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick
Rode smartLav+
It is easy to connect with a smartphone, Best for vlogging, Easy plug and play for users, Pop filter to reduce impedance. Check On Amazon
Movo PM10
74dB SPL signal to noise ratio, Good noise handling and easy controls, Compatible with multiple smartphones and other gadgets, 35 Hz to 18 kHz frequency response. Check On Amazon
Rode VideoMic Me
Compact and reduced size mic, Easy TRRS/earphone attachment, Excellent sound receiving capability, Very cheap option. Check On Amazon
Blue Raspberry Studio Mic
Easy compatibility, Incredible frequency response, Attractive design with a clear body, Can be used for multiple recordings. Check On Amazon
Miracle Sound
Variety of options, Easy To Use, Custom fitting, Budjet Friendly. Check On Amazon
Rode SmartLav+ Lavalier Microphone for Smartphones
  • Lavalier Microphone f Smartphones Tablets with Foam Pop Shield Mounting Clip
  • English (Publication Language)

Rode smartLav+, As you know, Rode is official a top-performing brand with a lot of followers who rely on it to deliver the latest and innovative microphones, then SmartLav+ is just another example of what this brand can bring to the table.

This lavalier mic is your most ideal decision because of its reliable quality and easy adjustment at any place, anywhere, and anytime. It comes with a 3.5mm sound connector that joins into a connector intended to fit into an earphone jack. You can fit the receiver in your shirt or jacket by clasping it near your mouth and starting talking.

The crowd will not have the option to see the cable when you connect it to the shirt because it has a very small size and design. The cable gets covered inside your shirt, and you can start using this mic connected with your phone without stressing over adjusting the cable again and again.

This is a condenser microphone that has a frequency response of 60 Hz to 18 kHz. You can get a sensitivity level of -35dB from this microphone to record any sounds. The sound recording is pretty clear with this microphone because it has a small windscreen on it to stop impedance from wind or any external factors.

It will eliminate any unusual sound for you and focus only on what you are saying, as these lavalier mics are incredible for recording sound when you’re on camera. It is a microphone with essential use for the news reporters to record high-quality sound without any interference.

This mic is not appropriate for much else, and you should only intend to use it for secret recording or cover any interviews or conference for easy connection and guidance. You cant expect it to perform like other microphones made for singers and artists.

  • It is easy to connect with a smartphone
  • Best for vlogging
  • Easy plug and play for users
  • Pop filter to reduce impedance
  • Not for recording off-camera audio.

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2. Movo PM10

Movo PM10 Lavalier Microphone and Lapel Microphone for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Other Smartphones - Easy Clip on Microphone Perfect for Recording a Podcast, Vlog, Interview, YouTube
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR AUDIO: The Movo lapel lav mic for iphone (lightning dongle not...
  • PLUG AND PLAY: No batteries required. Simply plug the included 3.5 MM TRRS...
  • 1-YEAR WARRANTY: We’ve got your back. Our products are designed to ease your...
  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY: Compact travel case is easy to take on-the-go for quick...
  • VALUE KIT EXTRAS: Includes 4ft cord, 2x foam windscreens, 2x metal clips, and a...

Movo brand is a reliable choice when you are picking a microphone for your daily use. This brand works on some of the top quality and improved microphones that attract the audience with their audio delivery and easy execution. One of their best achievements is the Movo PM10 smartphone microphone.

The PM10 smartphone microphone is a choice for individuals who are searching for a mic, but they don’t want to be bothered with expert controls and extra features to mix everything up in a gadget. The Movo PM10 Lavalier mic is a tough competitor with simple and easy controls having a much lower price in the market.

It’s not really the best smartphone microphone, but it functions admirably to support the nature of basic vocal recording that you want for YouTube and other platforms. The design is very simple, and it feels like a reliable microphone when you hold it in your hand. You won’t be disappointed with this one because of its design and performance with it.

The Movo PM10 is an omnidirectional kind mic, and it is additionally less delicate to the foundation and irregular clamor on the mic. This little mic offers shockingly clear and exact sound quality thinking about its size and somewhat minimal expense. You can anticipate a Signal to noise ratio of 74dB SPL from this microphone. The frequency response is 35 Hz to 18 kHz.

It is good with handling noise and records very clear sounds for you in every type of environment. It’s a small, lightweight unit that doesn’t utilize batteries, so it’s really simple to take out in the field and record with this smartphone microphone. The quality of recorded sound is crisp clear audio for your interviews and conferences.

The PM10 is viable with all-new versatile iOS gadgets as well as Android and Windows cell phones which makes it one of the top 5 best smartphone microphones that you would ever need to use. It’s ideally suited for single track and fundamental recordings of sound and music in small areas.

  • 74dB SPL signal to noise ratio
  • Good noise handling and easy controls
  • Compatible with multiple smartphones and other gadgets
  • 35 Hz to 18 kHz frequency response
  • The mic can get damaged on impact.

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Rode VideoMic Me-L iPhone/iPad Microphone for Video
  • iOS Cardioid Condenser Microphone with 20Hz-20kHz Pickup
  • Mounting Clip
  • Lightning Pt
  • Wind Shield

The Rode VideoMic Me is a small microphone that can be your next best pick as it is a trusted brand with reliable products. The VideoMic Me is a very small microphone at a reasonable price that can be used as a smartphone microphone. It is best to be used with iPhone and iOS device platforms.

It is a truly dependable and excellent mic as a receiver to record your audio for mobile phones with results that are simply worth it. You will be able to record videos through your phone while at the same time cover great high definition audio with the support of this VideoMic Me from Rode.

It interfaces straightforwardly to the TRRS/earphone attachment and has an entirely adaptable mounting section to fit for both the essential camera on the back and the selfie on the front. You have a very good quality windshield for the mic to use in case that you want to balance P’s and S’s.

The price is very reasonable for this microphone option making it an ideal selection for your use if you want to get a cheap-priced microphone to do your work. It has a frequency response of 100Hz – 20kHz and a noise handling ratio of 20dBA. It may not be the best smartphone microphone, but it is not the worst either.

The Rode VideoMic Me is suggested for users because it delivers clean audio levels for recording when you are inside a small room. For the price tag, this mic really deserves its position in the list of top 5 best smartphone microphones. Once you feel the sound quality and response from this mic, you will be impressed by this product.

I would recommend this smartphone microphone for a person who loves vlogging on foot and goes hiking and climbing while recording all the surroundings. It can provide the best results in such a place where the user is alone in a quiet place and getting the most out of the microphone.

  • Compact and reduced size mic
  • Easy TRRS/earphone attachment
  • Excellent sound receiving capability
  • Very cheap option
  • Quality is compromised at such a low price.
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Blue Raspberry Premium Mobile USB Microphone for PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad (incl. Lightning cable)
  • Ultimate mobile USB microphone for podcasting, voice-over, streaming, Skype and...
  • Patented Blue premium capsule circuitry for detailed, studio-quality sound
  • Patent-pending Internal Acoustic Diffuser (IAD) focuses vocals while minimizing...
  • Headphone volume control, mic level and mute for effortless live monitoring
  • Plug-and-play 24-bit/48kHz resolution with PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad. iOS...

The Blue Raspberry Studio Mic is an ultimate choice that you can consider only if you are interested in recording podcasts, streams, or recording some music sessions. The company has put a lot of effort into delivering one of the finest microphones in such a compact size to be used with smartphones for ultimate results.

The Blue Raspberry Premium Microphone Lightning is best for your conference calls, Skype calls, and music creation. Highlighting a versatile USB connectivity option, this mic also has an inner Acoustic Diffuser to get the vocals straightaway in high quality. It includes a standard camera mount and a 3.5mm jack for stable recording.

This mic has a truly sweet vintage-type design, and it feels so good to hold in hands. The look attracted a lot of customers, after which people were also amazed by the performance that this smartphone microphone delivers. The raspberry does this sweet, seemingly insignificant detail considered gathering while it’s recording both voice and instrumental tracks.

It has a unidirectional polar pattern for the steady recording of your music and vocals, and it can handle a frequency response of 20Hz – 20kHz. Users can utilize this mic with a USB port for best outcomes on their voice-overs, recordings, digital broadcasts, live streams, or Soundcloud tracks.

The sound is profound and clear for recording with your android, Mac, iOS, or PC devices. It has better performance with Internal Acoustic Diffuser that enhances sound recording quality for drama studios. The frequency response from this mic is incredible, similar to the addition of crisp, clear recording of all-natural sounds.

It has a shock and vibration-resistant filter and body, allowing the mic to minimize all the vibrations and noises from the microphone. Any person can begin recording with this mic in minutes. You can also connect this Raspberry mic to DSLR cameras for better results.

  • Easy compatibility
  • Incredible frequency response
  • Attractive design with a clear body
  • Can be used for multiple recordings
  • The mic is very sensitive to damage.

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5. Miracle Sound

Professional Wired Lavalier Lapel Clip On Microphone for iPhone and Android Smartphone or Camera Omnidirectional Tiny Shirt Mic for Recording with Clip-on Perfect for Vloggers and Bloggers
  • Quality sound recordings! Сreate the perfect videos and audio files on your...
  • Super easy to use! Just plug it in and recordings. No drivers, batteries needed...
  • Compatible to be used with Apple iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphones etc. (If you...
  • Comes with a deluxe case, a special wind muff, a durable lav mic clip and the...
  • Omnidirectional! This lapel microphone ideal for recording videos with your...

The last and very cheap option in the Top 5 best smartphone microphone list is the Miracle Sound microphone. It is a cheap smartphone microphone that can save up huge cost for you if you are interested in just recording sounds. The company has managed to put all the mic features in one place but at a very affordable price.

This Miracle Sound microphone is a budget-friendly choice that is available only for beginners who are not willing to gain maximum output and advantage from a smartphone microphone. This mic delivers the average quality sound output when you are recording in a calm, empty room.

This mic may not have the best design and plan on the outside, but it has the ability to pick up sound from a distance which means you can use it to record outdoor activities and sounds along with them. You can also record someone talking in the distance with this mic easily.

You won’t have to rely on your phone’s mic once you start using this gadget with it to record distant audio tunes and voices of anyone. While it may be a positive aspect but it is also a downside to this microphone because it catches other surrounding noises as well.

It is just an option for those who don’t have a good smartphone to record high quality sounds. The mic can do the job for them, but it has its own limitations. So whether or not you like it, it’s still a smartphone microphone that is best for those who want to have fun outside and just want to keep tracks and memories of that time recorded in one place.

  • Variety of options
  • Easy To Use
  • Custom fitting
  • Budjet Friendly
  • Not Compatible With Iphone

Check Price on Amazon


Which is the best smartphone microphone?

The best smartphone microphones that you can get for recording audio are.
1. Rode SmartLav+
2. Movo PM10 smartphone
3. Rode VideoMic Me
4. Blue Raspberry Premium Microphone
5. Miracle Sound microphone

Can I rely on a smartphone microphone?

Smartphone microphones are an alternative solution if the microphone of your smartphone is not performing well. These gadgets can allow you to record high-quality audio easily.


This was a complete review on the top 5 best smartphone microphone options in which I have listed the best products overall. You will find each of the mic to be different based on its price and the features that it is offering for a user. Not all of them have the same features, so you can choose wisely after you make up your mind.

All the brands that are listed here are top-performing and top-rated among the choice of many customers. I have analyzed a lot of microphones and came to a conclusion with some of the best accessible choices that are listed here. For more data, see the FAQ section below.

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