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7 Gigs and Jobs Where You Need a Microphone

Gigs and Jobs Where You Need a Microphone

On the surface, a microphone might not seem like that big of a deal for an average person. However, there are plenty of examples when someone relies on a microphone for their job.

We will cover 7 gigs or jobs that are difficult to imagine without a microphone. Some examples in the article should be quite obvious, whereas others are not so much.

Video Creators

Let’s start with video creators. Now, there are different forms of video. Some have ambient music in the background and focus on visuals, but many content creators require voicing their videos, and it would be impossible to do that without a microphone.

More often than not, video editing software also includes an audio section, meaning that you can do the recording on the same tool. Of course, it is crucial to make sure that your computer is functioning properly. From needing to find your largest files and deal with storage to ensuring that the device is malware-free, working as a video editor will be difficult even if you have all the right tools, including a microphone.


Streamers are another example of how you need a high-quality microphone to keep your audience entertained. Even smaller streamers are not afraid to invest hundreds of dollars because they want to ensure that the sound quality coming from their end is proper.

Talking to your viewers is a big part of streaming on Twitch TV or other platforms. And we are not even talking about streamers who sing or play instruments. Simple chatting or commentary while reacting to content requires good audio quality.

Podcast Hosts and Guests

Needing a microphone for a podcast is a given. Some hosts also need to provide one for their guests or multiple guests, meaning that the investment becomes even bigger.

Of course, if you do not have guests come over to your studio and host an episode remotely, then a single microphone is enough. At the same time, the podcast episode can be a bit awkward if the guests have cheap microphones, so a host ought to confirm that they will not run into such issues while recording. 

Remote Educators

Remote education has become a common thing because of the pandemic. At the same time, this trend of teaching others via the internet has been noticeable for a while now.

Regardless, if you are thinking about teaching someone remotely, be sure to have a decent microphone to get your message to students across.

There are plenty of teachers who have to adjust their work arrangements and teach from home. And even if they have a computer, it is usually a cheap laptop, and using an integrated microphone does not offer a lot of quality, which is unsurprising.

It is a different story if a teacher purchases a proper microphone or asks the school for one. Avoiding audio issues means fewer disruptions.

One other thing to note about this particular gig example is that if you are not someone who teaches in a public school but aspires to create educational content or take individuals to teach them remotely one on one, then investing in a good microphone is a must. Failing to do so will hamper your credentials right off the bat because the audio quality has to be top-notch to appear as a professional.

Musicians and Singers

Musicians and singers are the most likely example when you think of someone who needs a microphone for their job. A master of ceremonies is also pretty close, and it is no secret that if you see someone on a stage, they will hold a microphone before addressing the audience.

Some musicians constantly hold microphones in their hands while singing, whereas others rely on a stand because they need to hold an instrument in their hands. 

Microphones for musicians and singers have to be of extra quality because they rely on audio a lot. Even a small moment of a scuffed sound can ruin the entire performance. There are constant checks before the show to make sure that the equipment is in order, and microphones are part of that check.

Disc Jockeys

For disc jockeys, a microphone is not necessarily a priority tool to have while on a stage because the communication is done via music. However, there are instances when you need to hype the audience up, and a microphone comes in handy for that.

Keeping one on your table and picking it up to say a few words is a common practice. You might also need to take a small pause from jockeying and talk to the audience.

Radio Announcers

Radio announcers are the last on the list. Whether it is reading news, running a contest for listeners, or doing other radio-related jobs, the duties would be impossible to carry out without a microphone.

Professionals obviously need the right equipment, whereas amateur radio stations can make do with announcers who do not have expensive microphones.


There are many more jobs and places where we need microphones. The use of microphones is raising with the rise in content creation. With that, there are many microphones coming into the market for various uses such as mics for podcasting, singing, vocals, rapping, gaming, YouTube, etc.

Choose the best microphone that goes well with your own usage and the one that fulfils all your needs. Here are some of our best articles which will take you through some of the best microphones in the market.

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