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How To Do ASMR Without A Mic?

How To Do ASMR Without A Mic

ASMR is all about sound. The craze has taken over the internet, and now you can find ASMR videos on YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, and Soundcloud. But what if you want to do asmr without a mic?

There are many ways to record ASMR sound through iPhone or Android phones. For example, you can interface with an outside condenser or a lavalier mouthpiece to your iPhone.

In this blog post, I will discuss What ASMR is? And the best ways how to do asmr without a mic.

What Is ASMR?

how to do asmr without a mic

ASMR stands for (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). It is a pleasurable tingling sensation typically felt on the head and scalp. Many people describe it as a “tingly” sensation that starts at the top of the head and works its way down the body.

ASMR in a microphone is recording audio to create an ASMR video. It involves recording sound with a microphone to trigger the ASMR response in people who watch the video.

The ASMR video craze is catching on. As a result, the cost of ASMR mic toppers has increased by 150% over the last year.

How To Do ASMR?

ASMR responds to stimuli with minimal intent and often triggers calming sensations, such as hair brushing or crinkling paper.

Some people experience relief from having these sensations, while others can refuse them.

Many videos exist on Youtube to provide a relaxing sensory experience for viewers.

How To Do ASMR Without A Mic>

Here are some tips if you want to do ASMR without a mic but still want to use your voice.

  1. Use something that makes noise. For example, you could tap on the object or drag it across a surface (like wood). The sound should be regular and steady so people can follow along with their eyes closed. It should not draw too much attention away from your mouth, though!
  2. Be mindful of your surroundings. Make sure you’re in a quiet place with no distractions or background noise.
  3. Talk slowly and clearly. Pause between each word so people can hear each one correctly.
  4. Experiment with different sounds and noises. There are lots of other things you can do to make ASMR sounds.
  5. Don’t worry if people can’t follow along with their eyes closed. You don’t need to make it silent ASMR for this to be effective! If you want, you could record the audio and ask them to listen to it with their eyes closed. Or, try doing a tapping video which is probably more accessible anyway.

How To Record ASMR With iPhone?

There are many ways to deal with recording ASMR sound through iPhone. You can either interface with an outside condenser or a lavalier mouthpiece to your iPhone. This is an immediate strategy. In any case, on the off chance that I talk about recording an ASMR impact without utilizing an outside receiver just by using iPhone’s mouthpiece. This is additionally conceivable and simple.

  1. Download sound-altering programming to your iPhone as this will assist you with getting more viable outcomes.
  2. Change the settings of your iPhone to insignificant recording levels.
  3. You might empower binaural or three-dimensional recording mode from the sound recording programming. As it will create nearer to reality outcome in your iPhone ASMR recording
  4. Assuming you are recording the sound just as video for the ASMR channel. You can utilize two methodologies. Either use Airpods to record the ASMR, as I clarified in the past sub-subject. Or on the other hand, you can record the sound and video independently. And afterward, with the assistance of altering programming, you can form the sound and video together

How To Do ASMR With Headphone?

  1. Carry a headphone that is viable with your phone. Generally, an earphone with a 3.5mm TRS jack does significant steady employment.
  2. Introduce great sound programming to your gadget, like Audacity.
  3. Open the sound settings of your device. You can change the contribution for the work area and PC by going to the control board. And afterward, solid settings
  4. change your sound contribution to earphones you are utilizing
  5. Presently carry your wellspring of ASMR nearer to the earphone contribution to record the sound.
  6. Set your sound recording and altering programming to ASMR settings and contribution as an earphone
  7. Record the sound. You might rehash the cycle, assuming that any blemish remains.

How To Do ASMR with Airpods?

Recording ASMR with the AirPods might be an all-around interaction since numerous gadgets don’t permit the utilization of Airpods as sound or video recording sources.

  1. For recording ASMR with Airpods, you need to get compensated applications. I would suggest utilizing the MoviePro application and the Filmicpro application. You can find both the Apple and Play Store applications individually.
  2. Pair your AirPods with your cell phone. Leave it alone, Android or iPhone.
  3. Presently for the MoviePro application, click on a symbol with gear. From here, you will get to the settings.
  4. Presently look for recorder settings, and from recorder settings, change the receiver to Bluetooth mouthpiece.
  5. Place the wellspring of ASMR near your Airpods and test if it is working effectively.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Question)

Do you need a microphone for ASMR?

What type of microphone should you get for ASMR recordings? You should always choose condenser mics instead of dynamic mics for ASMR recordings. Condenser mics are a lot more sensitive to external sounds, which is very important in ASMR. XLR mics are preferable over USB mics if you have the budget.

What equipment is needed for ASMR?

Microphone. High-sensitivity microphones are a super important part of any ASMR setup. Professional microphones fall into the category of dynamic or condenser, which are fancy terms for whether a mic needs (condenser) or doesn’t need a power source (dynamic).06-Oct-2021

How much does ASMR MIC cost?

The best way to record ASMR is by using a dual microphone set up. Although these mics are only $100, they require an audio interface that can cost anywhere from around $100 to $250. Many ASMR artists use binaural setups, which means setting up two matched microphones to create your stereo image.


This article has explained how to do ASMR without a mic. You must follow all the steps correctly, and it will help you in experiencing the excellent quality of ASMR sounds.

I hope you liked my article on doing asmr without a mic. Do let me know in the comment section below if you face any problems while trying the above method.

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