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AKG P420 vs. AKG P220 Microphone Comparison: Which One is Best?

AKG P420 vs. AKG P220 Microphone Comparison

AKG has always been producing the finest microphones models having different capabilities to meet the requirements of different users. The AKG P420 and AKG P220 are two of the most famous models of this brand. Users have been looking forward to seeing the actual difference between both of these mics regarding this performance is.

I have done detailed research on both of these microphones, and I have concluded the best features of both of these microphones. To remove your confusion, you can continue reading this discussion to see what’s the difference I found when I compared AKG P420 Vs AKG P220.

AKG P420 Microphone Review

The AKG P420 is a dual capsule condenser mic that is widely used by many customers for audio recording. This is a high dynamic range microphone that can handle good sound pressure as well. This mic is suitable for sound recordings that are high in frequency and any audio input with high pressure.

This affordable mic gives the performance that a user expects from a good condenser microphone. It is best used with instruments like pianos, strings, horns, drums, and other such recordings.

Features of AKG P420 Microphone

This microphone comes with a decent design and a good feel to easily lift and carry in the hand of a user. The body is perfectly designed as a microphone should be.

Having a switchable attenuation pad, it is very much capable of handling an SPL of 155 dB. Having a frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz, this microphone has a good bass roll-off at 300Hz. It supports 3 patterns; cardioid, Omni, figure-8.

It delivers good sound quality with its warm feel that is perfectly suited for recording vocals and a variety of instruments. The attenuation switch pad with this mic offers a -20db for any dynamic sound sources. It makes this mic very versatile.

Technical Specifications of AKG P420 Microphone

MicrophoneAKG P420
TypeCondenser Microphone
Frequency Response20Hz to 20kHz
Equivalent noise level15 dB-A
Sensitivity28 mV/Pa
Signal to Noise79 dB-A
Preattenuation Pad-20 dB
Bass cut filter300 Hz – 12 dB/octave
Electrical impedance200 Ohms
Polar PatternsCardioid, Omnidirectional, and Figure-8
Max SPL135 dB
Weight530 grams
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Pros and Cons of AKG P420 Microphone

  • 3 Selectable Polar Patterns
  • Dual-Diaphragm Condenser Mic
  • -20 dB Switchable attenuation pad for high SPL 155db
  • Low-Cut Filter at 300 Hz
  • Natural sound
  • The noise level on this mic is not ideal for professional applications
  • The bi-directional and omnidirectional patterns of this mic have quieter sensitivity

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AKG P220 Microphone Review

AKG Pro Audio P220 High-Performance Condenser Microphone, Great for Vocals, Guitar, Brass. XLR Connector, Black
  • Audio Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Package Dimensions: 24.6 H x 13.2 L x 23.0 W (centimetres)
  • Package Weight: 1.859 kilograms
  • Country of Origin : United States

The AKG P220 is also a great model by AKG that has been familiar with the studio use for a very long time. It comes at a great price for the versatile features that it offers. It fits very well to capture the vocals as well as recording instruments such as acoustic guitars with clear natural sounds.

Having a wide frequency response and clearly high sensitivity, it works very well in catching quality audio. I found its recording to be very precise and clear while recording acoustic guitar, while the mic still works very well with other instruments as well.

Features of AKG P220 Microphone

This mic comes with a strong & rugged design that any microphone lover would definitely bat an eye on. It is very much suitable to hold and carry while it’s used for any live stage shows or for delivering a speech. The build quality is fine, which makes it a durable microphone to match different conditions.

The frequency response of this mic lies 20Hz to 20kHz to create a decent response for a microphone that is best to use for studio recording purposes. The P220 can deal a sound pressure level at 155db, having a cardioid polar pattern to pick up the sound source from the front.

It weighs 1.25 pounds with a body of tough all-metal die-cast chassis. The condenser is inside, and its strong body protects it from getting damaged. The matte black finish of the body makes it beautiful to look at. The mic only records sound from the front and ignores external sound from the sides and from the back as well.

Technical Specifications of AKG P220 Microphone

MicrophoneAKG P220
Type1″ large-diaphragm, true condenser pressure-gradient
Polar patterncardioid
Sensitivity20 mV/Pa (-34 dBV)
Frequency response20 Hz to 20 kHz
Electrical impedance200 ohms
Equivalent noise level to IEC 60268-416 dB(A)
Signal to noise78 dB(A) re 1 Pa
Max. SPL for 0.5% THD135 / 155 dB SPL (0 / -20 dB)
Phantom powering48 V ±4 V to IEC 61938
Bass cut pad300 Hz, 12 dB/octave
Weight530 grams
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Pros and Cons of AKG P220 Microphone

  • It has a spider shock mount and carrying case
  • This condenser mic comes with a built-in bass-cut filter
  • Incredible value for the price
  • It is very versatile for recording and performing in any shows
  • It has a switchable bass-cut filter
  • High-end is not very good
  • Very sensitive

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AKG P420 vs. AKG P220 Microphone

As I have shared details of both the microphones, now we see whats the overall difference in both of these mics. As the AKG P420 and AKG P220 have almost the same design, they also have the same weight of 530g. Both of them also are 165 mm long and 54 mm in diameter.

The AKG P220 has only two switches on the front that are used to activate the pre-attenuation pad to lower the input gain to about 20dB. This helps the mic to increase the maximum SPL handling.

In contrast, AKG P420 has these switches on its back. It has a switch at the front to set the polar pattern. Having a one-inch dual-diaphragm design, the mic gives the option to have three selectable polar patterns that include: cardioid, figure-eight, and omnidirectional, making the AKG P420 a more versatile option.

Both of these mics deliver the same frequency response of 20 Hz – 20 kHz, but the price of AKG P220 is much lower and budget-friendly than AKG P420. I found both of these mics fine for capturing lows, mids, and highs in any recordings.

AKG P420 has better sensitivity and a lower self-noise level which makes it one step ahead of AKG P220. This makes AKG P420 be able to capture more subtle voice or audio details clearly and easily. But I can’t say any one of them is better than the other, as they both are very interesting mics to use.

Conclusion: Which One to Pick?

This was a review article for AKG P420 vs AKG P220. I discussed every feature and the versatility that both of these mics offer to the users based on my experience. They both match in most of the categories having the same response and same output quality. But they differ in few cases a bit.

If you want my recommendation then I will suggest you to go with AKG P420 Microphone.

With my review, I hope you got the proper idea about the difference between both of these microphones, and you can choose the best one for yourself. If you liked this review, I hope you will leave a comment in the reply section below. Until then, check out my other best articles:
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