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Shure SG800 Microphone Review

Shure SG800 Review

Shure is a microphone manufacturing and selling brand famous for delivering good quality low-budget mics across the world. Shure products are being exported across the globe due to their functions and specifications at such a low cost. One of the great Shure mics is the Shure SG800.

This is an easy-to-use and all-in-one package mic for singers, speakers, and presenters. This mic comes at an affordable price, and I am going to give you a short descriptive review of its features along with its pros and cons.

Looking for an in-depth review of Shure SG 800 Microphone? Here is the detailed review of the mic with features, performance, pros, and cons, etc.

Let’s take a look at Shure SG800 Microphone below.

Shure SG800 Review

According to the Shure company, the SG 800 is a wireless microphone that is one of the latest generations in its production. This is a UHF Wireless SG 800 model that has won many hearts worldwide because of its low price and quality features.

Several features come loaded with this microphone, and I have arranged them all in this list below. You can know all the tiny details that I have noticed about this microphone.

Features of Shure SG800 Microphone

Performance:  The microphone offers excellent performance and operational advantages having a top frequency-agile wireless UHF system.

Auto Selectable Channels:  This mic has excellent 32 user auto- selectable channels at the 25MHz band. It also delivers a high UHF range of 865MHz for maxed-out precise channel capability in any position.

Wide Range Frequency Response: Users get a comprehensive frequency response, and it can also resist any strong disturbance such as wind noise or background noise with its super silent function.

Rich Bass: There is also low T.H.D which gives a rich bass.

Power level indicator:  It also has a power level indicator, which can be observed with the signal lamp that continues to shine if the user needs to replace the battery or run low.

Dual-way Channel Design:  It has a dual-way channel design with a wide range of 50m in good surroundings and 30m in a complex surrounding output circuit design.

Uniform cardioid pick-up pattern: This mic’s polar pattern is a Uniform cardioid pick-up pattern that isolates the primary sound source and minimizes any kind of background noise.

Audio Compression Technology: The mic is built with a pop filter for resisting wind or any extra noise in the mic. Having the audio compressing and expanding technology can easily lower the background noises and increase the dynamic range.

Two Wireless handheld vocal mics: It has two wireless handheld vocal mics to provide the best sound.

Multi-channel high band anti-interrupting wave: To eliminate any interference, it has a Multi-channel high band anti-interrupting wave. The operating distance of this mic is about 150 meters.

Technical Specifications of Shure SG 800 Microphone

MicrophoneUnidirectional dynamic microphone
Colour black
Material usedFibre Plastic, Metal
Model nameSG-800
Battery lifeOver 8hrs continuous operation
Product LineMusic Shop
Weight 3kg
Receiving sensitivity60dB S/N ratio.(12dBu)
Receiver size20.5 x 17.5 x 4.7 cm
S/N ratio>100dB
Audio output levelUnbalanced mode CHA + B:0~0.5V/5K
Power supply220V.(+10%)
RF power output for mic 1:30m W (MAX)
Spurious EMISSIONS45dB carrier ware
Batterystandard 2ps AA battery
Current consumption25mA 7

Pros and Cons of Shure SG 800 Microphone

  • Wide frequency response with a digital control circuit.
  • Pop filter to resist strong disturbance along with Super silent function
  • Low T.H.D for Rich Bass
  • Power level indicator to display low battery and power
  • Uniform cardioid polar pattern for isolating the sound source and minimizing background noise.
  • Effective and quality-built pop filter for wind and noise
  • Audio compressing-expanding technology for increasing and lowering the noise levels at dynamic range
  • It cannot be used for low and very high-frequency sounds
  • It doesn’t offer professional-level features

Best Alternative for Shure SG 800 Microphone

There are very high chances that you might not get the Shure SG 800 Microphone available to buy. In that case, I will suggest you get a Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Microphone which is the best alternative to the Shure SG 800 Dynamic Microphone.

Conclusion: Should you buy Shure SG800?

Looking at all the stats and features of the Shure SG 800, I would highly recommend this wireless microphone to the users. This is an amazing device to use for recording any karaoke or voiceovers and streaming content online. It is perfect for the vocals, and the mic’s noise cancellation effect makes it record a more precise sound.

Overall, if we talk about the specifications and features that this mic offers for the price tag that it has, I would personally recommend this to the YouTubers or streamers, including those who want to practice singing and delivering a speech. This mic is a great choice, and you should buy it for yourself to see what features it has to offer for you. I am satisfied with its performance; I hope you get satisfied too.

Do you still have anything to ask? Do let me know in the comments section below.

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