How To Stop Microphone From Picking Up Keyboard Noise

Have you ever used Discord or Zoom?

If yes, you will be well aware of the thing that how annoying by noises it usually appears when you hear someone’s background noises through their microphone.

Just imagine you are getting irritated with the consistent noises coming up from the keyboard through Mic and suddenly you come to know the person you were curing a moment later are you. How annoying this situation is?

Don’t get fret as we have found the exact reason behind the problem. We have complied with different and simple solutions for how to stop the mic from picking up keyboard noise.

How to stop Mic from picking up keyboard noise?

If you are looking here for the perfect solution for how to make the mic not pick up the keyboard, just get the ones we have provided you below:

Solution 1: Re-position your Microphone

The very first and easiest thing you can do for resolving queries about how to reduce keyboard noise when recording is repositioning your microphone. Unidirectional and cardboard-based microphones are usually best known for providing the best experience always.

If you don’t have one, don’t worry as the majority of the microphones today do come up with a physical switch that makes it easier for the users to change the directionality manually.

You can easily reduce the sound your microphone is picking up from the keyboard just by placing your microphone in the right position.

Solution 2: Consider a silent mechanical keyboard

You can now completely avoid the keyboard noise but can look forward to how to get rid of keyboard noise on the mic.

Mechanical keyboards often do comes up with switches underneath each key. This kind of keyboard often uses a plastic membrane that gives unique tactical feedback to the user while typing.

You can keep the same for reducing the extra noise while enjoying the extreme experience of typing with these mechanical keyboards.

Solution 3: Adjust the setting of your mechanical keyboard

If you are not in the favor of spending any money just to get a new mechanical keyboard, you can opt for a DIY option.

You can install O-rings or silicone rings on the keycap stems for reducing the sound coming up from the keyboard. The O-rings are specially designed to prevent the key step from hitting up the keyboard plate when you press the, and hence does not produce any clicking sound. The best thing about the installation of O-rings is that you don’t need any professional support here.

You can easily install the O-rings manually just within few minutes and can get rid of query how to reduce keyboard noise when streaming.

Solution 4: Adjust Software Settings

If your microphone is currently facing some sensitivity or volume dials issue, you can resolve the same just by making adjustments in your software.

Editing settings is not a big deal and can be easily handled with the help of Windows and third-party VOIP programs such as Discord. We would prefer you to go with the Windows settings first.

Stop Mic From Picking Up Keyboard Noise

Solution 5: Control microphone level in windows

  • Tap on the Start button on your Windows and then make a search for the change system sounds option.
  • Hit the Enter button on the keyboard to process the process further.
  • Now go to the Sound window and then tap on the Recording tab.
  • Now make a right-click on the microphone option and then tap on Properties.
  • Tap on the Levels tab for proceeding further with the process and then shift the slider towards the left for reducing the volume of your microphone.
  • Once done now tap on the Listen to this device option followed by pressing the Listen tap for testing the sound of your microphone in real-time.

Solution 6: Control microphone sensitivity in Discord

  • Launch Discord and then tap on the gear icon to your name.
  • Go to the App Settings and then tap on the Voice & Video option.
  • Now, go to the Input Sensitivity option and then use the slider for lowering the sensitivity of your microphone.
  • Once done now tap on the Mic Test option followed by tapping on the Lets Check button for checking the sensitivity of the microphone in Discord.

Solution 7: Use Pop Filter

Using a pop filter for your microphone will make your mic sound wonderful without any noise at all. It reduces the noise at an extreme level.

You might even get your own voice a bit lowered, but that’s okay as you are getting enough noise. Choose the best pop filter for your mic online. You can check some of them here.

How to reduce keyboard noise when recording?

You can reduce keyboard noise by

  • Dampening the rubber or plastic bottoms of your stand on a damp cloth, thereby creating a layer of water between the two.
  • Putting non-slip mats under any stands.
  • Not poking your fingers at all while playing.
  • Using key and frame plugs to make everything tighter together in general, which prevents keys from jumping around or becoming loose during transport and usage.
  • Turning sharps about an inch closer to you than flat keys (the reason for this is that when you press down, the sharp is what pivots lengthwise instead of the tapered side of the flat key)

Tips for the microphone to sound better

It is not easy to make a noiseless recording always. Certain things can disturb your recordings at any time. We are here with some tips that can help you in getting better sound quality during recording and these are:

  • Take the noisy things out of the room
  • Try to keep the microphone of your desk Off unless is not so necessary
  • Keep the back of your microphone towards the noisy source
  • Keep the microphone a few inches away from your mouth
  • Never try to move around while recording
  • Set the gain always to the appropriate level

For more tips, check out this: Easy Hacks To Improve Microphone Sound Quality


Hope you guys have got a perfect solution to your query about how to reduce keyboard noise on the mic. Annoying sounds during recording always take your attention and badly affect the quality of the sound.

If you also have gone fed of such annoying sounds, we have added up different solutions here along with some tips that will help you in enjoying the better sound quality and absolute recording at an easier end. Try to keep the noisy source away from the microphone and make sure you are positioning the mic just at the right distance always.

Do you have any other way which works for you? Please do share it with us, so I can share it with other readers as well.

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