MXL V67G Review: Mic Features, Specs, Pros, and Cons

MXL V67G microphone is one of the best in the budget-friendly category for those who are into voiceovers, studio recordings, etc. It is recommended a lot for beginners and those who are just starting out.

Are you looking for an MXL V67G review? Then you are on the right page, we’ll discuss everything you should know about this mic, and let’s see if this mic is the perfect choice for you or not.

In this post, I have shared an in-depth MXL V67G microphone review with performance, features, specifications, pros, and cons, and much more.

MXL V67G Review

MXL V67G microphone has been in so many talks in various groups, forums, and online communities. Many people have been recommending this microphone for beginners or those who do not want to be picky about the microphones. Also, the MXL V67g comes with a Class-A FET circuitry plus a transformer-coupled output.

MXL V67G Review

MXL V67G is a large capsule condenser microphone that has a unidirectional (cardioid) polar pattern. It is one of the cheapest microphone models by MXL. Even though it has the most affordable, yet the quality of the microphone has been not compromised at all.

MXL V67G microphone does have a unique design of gold-plated grille with green and golden color. It does look outstanding. The built quality of microphone is super durable as well. The mic shares a lot of features with the iconic Neumann U87.

It does have a frequency response of 30Hz to 20KHz which is a bit narrow at the bottom end but perfect as it has great sound detailing and isolation as well.

MXL V67G Performance

V67G microphones given you classic warmth in the midrange and sounds very natural which makes it perfect for voiceovers, podcasts, or any stuff related to the home studio like gaming, streaming, etc.

It does have a unidirectional polar pattern that captures sound perfectly for vocals, singing, etc. The noise cancellation of the microphone is perfect and does not catch any unwanted sound at all.

The detailing of the sound is impressive and it does have some crispy sound at the narrow end which makes it perfect for voiceovers and podcasting as well.

The sound of the MXL V67G microphone is very original and natural which lets it use in various cases as well.

MXL V67G Features

MXL V67G does have all the core features that any ideal microphone should have. Let’s discuss some of the core features that you get with this microphone.

DESIGN: The design of the microphone is very classical and unique as well. It has a gold plated foil with a green color coating which makes it look stand out with other microphones.

BUILD QUALITY: The construction material used in this microphone is an all-metal construction. It makes the microphone more durable and reliable for long term usage.

PERFECT FOR VOCALS: Natural sound of the microphones allows you to capture sound for vocals and singing perfectly.

HIGH MAX SPL: The microphones do have high max SPL which allows you to capture sound from high sources without losing out its natural sound.

BUDGET FRIENDLY: This is why most people choose this microphone. It is one of the best affordable condenser microphones for vocals and singing. It is worth money for sure.

SOUND DETAILS: Microphone produces great sound details and has perfect isolation which makes it more versatile as well. It has warmth in the middle.

PERFECT NOISE CANCELLATION: MXL V67G mic does not capture any unwanted sound at all. It does have very low self-noise as well. It won’t affect the table vibrations or anything while moving the microphone as well.

MXL V67G Microphone Technical Specifications

Here are all the technical specifications of the MXL V67G microphone that you should know.

TypePressure gradient condenser microphone
Diaphragm6-micron gold-sputtered
Capsule Size32mm/1.26in
Frequency Response30Hz – 20KHz
Polar PatternCardioid
Sensitivity15 mV/Pa
Impedance200 ohms
Equivalent Noise20dB
Sound to Noise Ratio74dB
Max SPL130dB
Power RequirementsPhantom Power 48V
Weight589 grams
ColorGreen with a gold grill
PriceCheck Price on Amazon

MXL V67G Frequency Curve and Polar Pattern

Here is the imaginary representation of the MXL V67G microphone from their official website.

MXL V67G Frequency Curve and Polar Pattern

Image courtesy:

MXL V67G accessories and the things that you get in the box

The things that you get in the box with MXL V67G microphones are:

  1. MXL V67G microphone
  2. Zip pouch
  3. MXL MT-001 hard-mount mic stand adaptor

You don’t get the shock mount with the microphone. That’s actually surprising. You will need to get a shock mount for the MXL V67G microphone.

MXL V67G Microphone Pros and Cons

  • Great for vocals
  • Unique design and nice built quality
  • Value for money
  • Good sound details and isolation
  • Adds a little bit of color to the low and low mid frequencies
  • Not versatile enough for drums
  • No shock mount included
  • A diaphragm is a bit sensitive to humidity

Conclusion: Should you buy MXL V67G Microphone?

If you are looking for a budget-friendly microphone to start out into gaming, streaming, or even for vocals then this microphone is perfect for you. Although, there are many other microphones that come close to this in this price segment such as the Blue Yeti microphone.

I will suggest you go for this microphone if you have liked it. If you can extend your budget a bit then you might get some more extra options and best brand mics as well. You can also check out Top 7 Best USB Microphones Under $100 or 5 Best Studio Microphones Under $100 to know the other alternatives. This microphone in particular has a sound that can even be compared to a tube mic.

Do you still have something to say? Do let me know in the comments section. Finally, just the other day I recorded some acoustic guitar with it. Another accessory you may want to consider adding is a pop filter. If you’re looking for a budget mic, the higher price range of the rest of the series is not worth it.

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