Pop Solo Microphone Review 2023 [Detailed]

Recently many people are at home and looking for some ways to chill out. Spending time with families and mates is what they are more into.

Playing games and performances boosts the entertainment that you are having. It is also best to have some real activity like games, dancing or singing rather than watching movies together.

Some families love to play music-related games or to sing songs. Karaoke is something that has already made singing very simple for everyone. It does help you sing songs by synching with the sound and music on your phone.

In this article, I am going to review the PopSolo microphone. PopSolo is the rechargeable Bluetooth karaoke microphone. There are many things you should know before purchasing this microphone.

Pop Solo Microphone

I am going to help you with all the things you need, so stay tuned.

PopSolo is one of the very trendy microphones that rose lastly. It is manufactured by Tzumi store. PopSolo microphone is not the regular microphone that you use in your daily lives for work purpose or anything.

This microphone is made for those who love performances and for newbies who want to sing songs in parties.

Pop Solo Microphone Review

PopSolo is the Professional Karaoke Microphone Mixer. This microphone kind of looks bit childy, but it does have a lot of uses.

This microphone is not only for the fun part, but there are some advantages as well. It just gives you the boost to take off your performance without having much to be worried.

You can use this microphone by connecting it with your favourite karaoke app. All you have do is, connect your app to this microphone using Bluetooth and get started.

There are many applications available on PlayStore and AppStore for Karaoke. You can use any of your favourite apps to use this microphone. I am listing out some of the best apps you can try.

Best Apps for Karaoke

Best Karaoke Apps for android on PlayStore

Best Karaoke Apps for iOS on AppStore

You can always try the other apps if you want.

PopSolo microphone is compatible with both android and iOS devices. It does make things easy for you. Other than that, easy Bluetooth connectivity and other features as well.

Features of Pop Solo Microphone

Let me give you a detailed list of all the features of this microphone, and then I will explain the important ones in detail.

  • iOS/Android ready microphone
  • Built-in smartphone holder
  • Works on all the karaoke Apps
  • 2 in 1 Wireless Speaker
  • Bluetooth Microphone
  • Easy To Connect
  • Long-Lasting Battery
  • Portable

Now, let me discuss them in detail.

iOS/Android Ready

This makes you too comfortable with the devices you can use. You can literally connect to any device you want. All you need it the Karaoke App and the Bluetooth connectivity.

Built-in Smartphone Holder

PopSolo has almost everything possible to make it one of the easiest microphone to use. You don’t even need to worry about holding your phone. You get the retractable smartphone holder with the microphone which will make it easy for you to play along with the lyrics.

The holder can mount any device upto 6 inches of size.

Works for all Karaoke Apps

Be it on the AppStore or on the PlayStore, this microphone works with all the Karaoke Applications. You don’t need to stick to any of the applications. Use the one which you like.

Bluetooth Microphone

You don’t even need the cable to connect this microphone. However, you can use it if you want to. Yet, Bluetooth connectivity is quick and easy as well.

Bluetooth connectivity range of this microphone is 30 feet.

Long Lasting Battery

The battery is another impressive feature of PopSolo microphone. It does have a 1200mAh battery and lasts more than 5 hours after fully charged. The total time it takes to this microphone to fully charge is 2 hours.


PopSolo microphone is super portable microphone. You don’t need to care about the wiring or stuff while moving this microphone.

Now, I will talk about some of the core features that I look for in every microphone.

Design & Built Quality

You can’t expect the premium quality manufacturing for the microphones made for fun. Even the pricing of this microphone is also very low for that. You can expect the excellent reliability of this microphone.

The design of this microphone looks optimised. It has got the golden look, and it does look kiddy for sure. You get the lightning and all on the microphone which makes you feel that you are at the concert. The structure of this mic does make you think that you are performing on the stage.

That’s what this looks like.

Although the material used is good and it is reliable. The only thing you have to worry about is not to break any connections or cables inside the microphone.

Most of the time kids are going to use it, so you will need to keep your eyes on it.


There will not be the as organized details as the regular microphone, yet you should look for it. You can’t expect the best sound quality for your normal work. That is not, this microphone made for. This microphone way too different that any other microphone you get.

If you are looking for the microphone by which you can practise singing or vocals, then PopSolo Karaoke Microphone is not for you. You can check out 10 Best Microphones For Singing Or Recording Vocals where you will get the best mics for singing.

There are few specs in Pop Solo microphone that I will point here.

Pop Solo Microphone has the frequency response of 100Hz to 10KHz. It is not that good nor that bad for the Karaoke Performance microphone.

The Pop Solo microphone has the Lithium battery of 1200 mAh. It does charge full in 2 hours and lasts longer than 5 hours. That is quite a good numbers.

Let me repeat this; you can’t use this microphone as the regular one. It does have to low frequency response. This microphone will not capture the sounds less than 100 Hz and more than 10KHz that means it will almost ignore all the sound that the ones you made for singing.


The sound quality of this microphone is perfect for any disco or concert-like situations. There is always some chaos and noise in the room while singing. Thus, this microphone will not have too detailed sharpness in the sound output. But whatever the output you will get will be the best for your environment.

It will produce the high rock sound that will make you pump up and hit the stage. Bring out your inner music star and bring it ANYWHERE. I also like the phone holders so its easy for me to put my phone on it. Serenade friends and family, create original music videos with thousands of songs made famous by all your favorite and popular artists.

Thus, this microphone is one of the best microphones you can get for fun parties and stuff. This mic is made for the fun only. You can expect the fun and those jazzy boosted sounds from this. You can’t expect this microphone to be used in your other work.

Although, the overall experience of this mic is super nice. It does give you the feel of performing on the stage and singing. An external USB or Bluetooth mic can improve the quality of your voice and reduce background noise.

Even the cost of this mic is not that high. I will highly recommend you to get this microphone if you want a good time at home with your kids, family or even with friends.

Pros and Cons of Pop Solo Microphone

  • Easy To Use
  • Easily Portable
  • Long-Lasting Battery
  • Reliable Built Quality
  • Easy Connectivity
  • NONE (With the purpose it gives you all you need)

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you charge a Pop Solo Microphone?

You can charge the Pop Solo microphone using the USB cable that you will get with the microphone itself. It will take 2 hours to fully charge.

How do you use Pop Solo?

Download any of the Karaoke App in your device and then connect it using the Bluetooth. That’s it! You are good to go.

How long does it take to charge a Pop Solo Microphone?

It takes 2 hours to fully charge the Pop Solo Microphone. It lasts 5 hours once fully charges.


I hope you have got an idea about this microphone now. If you ask me, I will for surely recommened you this mic for fun. This is one of the best microphone that you can get for Karaoke or the stuff like this. This is not the premium microphone or anything but it does give you everything you need at the very low price as well.

There are many exciting karaoke mics on the market. If there are any technical issues with it, you can get it fixed from your nearby technician. It won’t cost you much. Download your favorite karaoke app, connect your smartphone to the microphone and “hit the stage” for the concert of a lifetime.

Overall the microphone is very good for having fun for your kids or even for you if you are the party person. Your input device should be listed under Input. If you want to get the most out of their default sound: hip-hop, rap, and pop are the best genres to listen to. If you have any questions regarding this, do let me know I will help you out with it.

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