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What Is Microphone Array? Explained In Detail

What is microphone array

Microphone Array is a term for any microphone system in which multiple microphones are placed in different positions around the sound source or along an extended line approximating its direction. T

The array microphone allows to detect of better sounds coming from various directions, especially those closer to one side than another, and thus be able to reproduce these sounds when reproduced through loudspeakers more accurately.

In this blog post, we will be looking at the Microphome array, some of the basics of microphone arrays, and how they can greatly improve your audio experience.

What Is Microphone Array?

what is microphone array

A microphone field (or array microphone) is a microphone technology that works similarly to a conventional microphone. Still, in addition to one microphone for sound input, it has multiple microphones (often two or more) for sound recording.

The microphones in the array device collaborate to record sound simultaneously. Microphone arrays can be built with as many microphones as are necessary or desired to record sound output.

These types of microphone arrays are used to record stereo sound.

What Does The Microphone Array Do?

The microphone array can use a microphone array for recording, live performance, noise reduction, teleconferencing, and spatial perception.

Using a microphone array allows you to listen or watch in surround sound by having multiple speakers playing different audio content simultaneously and in the same space, thus simulating a surround sound listening experience.

The most important use of array microphones is in performance. By using different array microphones, musicians can create dense layers of sound that would be otherwise impossible to achieve with a single microphone.

What Is Dual Array Microphone?

A dual array microphone is an array acoustic measuring device made up of at least two omnidirectional microphones. The term “dual array” describes the arrangement of the two or more microphones that make up such a device and not the operation of the device.

Dual array microphones are just like conventional microphones, but they have two or more capsules on one housing. It can provide highly accurate directionality by using multiple omnidirectional microphones.

Dual array microphones are widely used in outdoor sound monitoring, including noise, acoustic source localization/tracking, and wind turbine sound assessment.

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What Type Of Microphone Is Microphone Array?

Several types of microphones can be used for a microphone array. These include:

  • Dynamic cardioid microphone array
  • Condenser cardioid microphone array
  • Condenser Omni-directional microphone array

Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on the application requirements. Although some microphones come with their integrated arrays, generally, external microphones with an array are more universal.

Dynamic cardioid microphone array

Dynamic cardioid microphone arrays are the simplest type of microphone array. This type has a very strong directionality, which is useful in audio surveillance applications where it is important to isolate speech from other sounds. In addition, they have the advantage of being compact, durable, and relatively inexpensive.

We Use dynamic cardioid microphone arrays in our audio surveillance equipment.

Condenser cardioid microphone array

This type uses two dynamic microphones placed back-to-back. They can provide high accuracy but are much more expensive than dynamic cardioid microphone arrays.

Condenser cardioid microphone array is used for conference calls and recording, and it does a good job of capturing audio from an immediate area.

Condenser Omni-Directional Microphone Array

This array comprises two omnidirectional microphones, typically mounted on the same axis (e.g., X/Y configuration). It has good directionality over 360 degrees. Omni-directional microphone arrays are typically used for recording live performances which involve musicians spread over a wide area.

It has also found applications in outdoor sound monitoring, including noise monitoring, acoustic source localization/tracking, and wind turbine sound assessment.

However, this type of array is not very accurate since it only records the signal in front of it.

What is a communications microphone array?

The Array 2S is a stereo microphone with 2 microphones for left and right channel recording. … The beamforming technology of the Array 2S offers superior quality and performance over a single element microphone.

What does the microphone array do in Windows 10?

An array of microphones can do a better job of isolating a sound source and rejecting ambient noise and reverberation. Because of the advantages that microphone arrays can offer to improve sound-capture for PC computing, Microsoft has created support for microphone arrays in the Windows operating system.

How do I turn off the microphone array?

Right-click the speaker icon in the Taskbar and select ‘Playback devices’. In the following window, click the Recording tab, left-click the Integrated Microphone Array once just to highlight it and then right-click it and select Disable.

How do I install an array mic?

1. Right-click on the speaker icon on the Taskbar bottom R.H. corner. The menu will open.
2. Left-click on Sound. Sound Panel should open.
3. Open the Recording tab on this panel. …
4. Right-click on Microphone Array, a menu should open. …
5. Check that device is enabled.

What does the microphone array do?

A microphone array is any number of microphones operating in tandem. There are many applications: Systems for extracting voice input from ambient noise (notably telephones, speech recognition systems, hearing aids) Surround sound, and related technologies.


Microphone arrays are great tools for recording sound. They can be used in the studio or outdoors and provide excellent directionality when recording with multiple sources. However, one must choose the correct type of microphone array depending on the application.

Now You know about What Is Microphone Array? their types, and where we can use them?

However, one must choose the correct type of microphone array depending on the application.
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