Neumann TLM 102 vs. TLM 103 Microphone Comparison

Microphones have always been of great quality when they come under the Neumann tag. This brand is famous for producing premium-grade microphones that can be used for recording quality audio. Two of the best mics from Neumann are TLM 102 and TLM 103.

In case you are looking for a comparison between Neumann TLM 102 and TLM 103, then I have got it for you. In this post, I have compared Neumann TLM 102 vs. TLM 103 microphones based on features, performance, design, etc.

I have been using TLM 102 for a long time, and recently, I had the experience of using TLM 103 too. So, in this discussion, I will guide you in selecting any of these options to clear your mind about all the features that these mics have to offer. Let’s get started.

Neumann TLM 102 Microphone Review

The Neumann TLM 102 has made its place among the best microphones around the world with its technical excellence and a beautifully balanced sound that delivers great silky vocals, guitars, and powerful drum sound recording. This mic is beautifully built with various features on it.

Neumann TLM 102 Condenser Microphone, Nickel
  • Large-diaphragm microphone with cardioid directional characteristic (pressure...
  • Compact Neumann design
  • Very high maximum sound pressure level (144 dB)
  • Slight presence boost above 6 kHz helps vocals to shine in the mix

Features of Neumann TLM 102 Microphone

Neumann TLM 102 is a beautiful mic with a cardioid polar pattern having an integrated pop screen that helps to record such high-quality audio that is even best for novices.

TLM 102 has a large-diaphragm cardioid capsule that can deal with a large number of applications with its low-noise circuitry that helps it to remove unwanted noise and deliver a clean and clear sound.

The TLM 102 has a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz with a very good max sound pressure level at 144dB. This dynamic microphone enhances the vocals by smoothing them out with highly audible frequency to provide a clear output.

The TLM 102 is also a very affordable mic that can handle good voice levels like premium quality microphones due to its cardioid polar pattern. With its typical large-diaphragm condenser, it works great with acoustic guitars or can be used as a drum mic.

Pros and Cons of Neumann TLM 102 Microphone

  • This mic has a quality build body
  • It has a very clear sounding output
  • It performs just as premium quality microphones
  • The price is very affordable for such features
  • It is the best compact vocal microphone for recording as in-home studios and professional studios
  • It does lack some features, but it is very affordable for that reason too

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Neumann TLM 103 Microphone Review

The Neumann TLM 103 is a cardioid capsule microphone that is derived from the U87 model. This is an amazing microphone that is also very acoustically balanced for good performance. It provides extraordinary attenuation of signals from its back. It is a lot cheaper than U87 while offering all the same premium quality features.

Neumann TLM 103 Condensor Microphone
  • Large diaphragm cardioid microphone Pressure gradient transducer with with...
  • Available in satin nickel and matte black
  • Delivery includes an SG 103 swivel mount and a wooden jeweler's box
  • A standard name in high-end recording studios around the world, Neumann mics...
  • The TLM 103 is fast becoming a standard for home recording and the music...

Features of Neumann TLM 103 Microphone

The TLM 103 offers only a fixed cardioid polar pattern, which catches clear sound from the source, having an attenuation of signals from its back. It makes it a very suitable microphone that can be used for broadcasting signals, home recording and studio recording purposes.

It has a frequency response within 20Hz to 20kHz with a max SPL level of 138dB. It is a transformerless microphone that uses an electronic circuit, and the results are very promising with that. Although the mesh grille on this mic seems to be fragile as it is very much prone to dents, it is very common with such sensitive microphones.

It is a handcrafted microphone that is available in both satin nickel and matte black colours. It gives a great nostalgic look with its design and colour combination, and the body is also very durable. I personally love the satin nickel body on this microphone.

Having a transformerless design, it provides very clear and clean sound recording that makes it one of the best quality microphones at an affordable price. It has good low self-noise, and features like a pre-attenuation pad and high pass filters make it an amazing microphone to use.

Pros and Cons of Neumann TLM 103 Microphone

  • It has an electronic circuit design (transformerless)
  • It deals with noise reduction very well
  • It comes at an affordable price
  • Handcrafted durable body finishing
  • The Mesh grille on this mic is fragile

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Neumann TLM 102 vs. TLM 103

Both the TLM 102 and TLM 103 seem to be head to head with the features that they have to offer to the users, but there are slight differences in both of them. 

Both of these mics have a good build quality and a great paint finish, and both have a large-diaphragm condenser, but the TLM 103 has a 6dB louder output signal than the TLM 102.

On the other hand, the TLM 102 has 6dB more max SPL than TLM 103. The max SPL is always sufficient and useful when you are recording higher-pitched sounds. This helps the mic to handle higher sound pressure levels on the mic. It has a low self-noise at 12dB, whereas TLM 103 has a better low self-noise at 7dB. Both these mics feel different in some cases, where one is better on the other.

TLM 102 is a lot cheaper than TLM 103 because TLM 103 has a whole 5 dB less than the TLM-102 that makes 103 a better mic at low self-noise handling.

The TLM-103 is a bit greater and larger than the TLM-102, but according to their features, both of these mics have a lot to offer to the users.

One common thing I like in both of these mics is that there are no fancy switches and extra controls on these mics. There is just a standard XLR port with them. None of them is clearly better than the other as both of them have their own benefits.


This was a discussion about Neumann TLM 102 vs. TLM 103. Both of these mics are great cardioid pattern microphones that have great quality. I reviewed both of them separately and then matched their overall performance and recording results with you.

You can choose whichever goes well with your own needs. If you want my personal opinions then I will go with the Neumann TLM 103 microphone.

I hope you find this mic review useful, and in case you have more questions, feel free to leave a response in the box given below. Until then, check out some of my other articles:
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