[Reviewed] Top 5 Best Studio Microphones In 2021

It is really important for anyone to know and understand the features of the microphone before getting one. There are so many things like frequency, SPL, power supply and much more.

If you are a beginner, you might not be aware of these things. If you are serious about whatever you are going to record, you are going to need a perfect microphone based on your requirements.

There are tons of microphones available in the market. Choosing the best for you is not that easy. You need to do some of your own research. On average you are going to use a microphone for 4-5 years. This is a big deal. Even it is not that cheap to get new at any time. It is an investment.

I have already made some things very easy for you. I have done great research and found out some of the best microphones for you. I have covered a microphone with all the pricing range which are best.

You can choose the one on your preferences. I am sure that you will have a clear idea about which one to get for you.

I have already covered an article on the best microphones for vocals and recordings. If you are a singer I would suggest you look at that article as I have filtered out microphones best for vocals and recordings. 

In this article, I have covered the best studio microphones. This will cover everything from podcasting to gaming. If you are looking to get and studio microphone for you then this is the best place for you.

[NOTE: If you have no idea about the microphone. If you haven’t done any research before. I would suggest you read out some of the content at the end. I have some important things you should look when you are going to STUDIO MICROPHONE.]

5 Best Studio Microphones (Reviews) in 2021

I have covered microphones with all pricing ranges. I have compared them based on the performance and the quality of the sound it produces. In the end, my goal is to provide you with the list of best studio microphones. All the microphones I have listed are best for any studio and you can choose them based on your pricing range, usage, and some other preferences.

Audio Technica AT 2035

Audio Technica is one of the most popular brands in the microphone world. They have been producing premium versatile kinds of microphones since 1962. They have an approach to manufacturing microphones for every kind of person and usage. They have varieties of microphones to choose from.

Audio Technica AT2035
Audio Technica AT2035

AT 2035 is a cardioid condenser microphone that delivers excellent vocal output. This microphone has an amazing ability to deal with high pressure sounds with super ease. This is the most recommended microphone for newbies. That is why it in our list.

AT 2035 is a remarkable product with a premium look and features at a low – medium pricing range. There are not so many technical things to do on this microphone. You can handle this easily without worrying about any technicalities at all.

AT 2035 is one of the most versatile microphones. It helps you deal with almost any type of sound you want. AT 2035 produces a very detailed and low noise voice.

AT 2035 Mic is XLR Microphone which requires +48 Volts of Phantom Power. The frequency response of this mic is 20Hz to 20kHz. The maximum sound pressure of this microphone is 148dBA. 

If you are looking for the all-rounder microphone at a low cost then AT 2035 is the one you should give your time to think about.

This is the all in one microphone which you can use that is why it is at the top of the list. Also, pricing is also much reasonable.

  • Affordable Pricing
  • No technical stuff
  • Best for beginners
  • Versatile Microphone
  • Requires phantom power supply
  • Single cardioid polar pattern

Neumann TLM 102

Neumann is widely popular for producing a wide range of microphones with so many variations. You will get another version of any microphone you want. If you are not satisfied with any feature in a specific mic you will get that in another alternative.

Neumann produces premium quality microphones in a medium pricing range with high-quality manufacturing.

TLM 102
TLM 102

TLM 102 is the mic built for singers and vocals. This microphone provides a crispy and slightly boosted voice in your recording. You will get an edge with the boost in your voice. Which is perfect for anyone who is recording in the studio.

TLM 102 is really better in look as you can see in the image above. It is all built with the metal which gives premium look and also enhances the durability of the microphone. 

TLM 102 has a great pressure handle limit. You can even record drums on this microphone. Yet I will not suggest you do that. As you can use that for a longer period of time. 

I will not suggest any studio microphone to use for instrumentals even if they are capable of. If you can afford then I will suggest you look for the best dynamic microphone for it.

TLM 102 is the large condenser microphone with the 132dB of dynamic range. This has a cardioid pickup pattern and a boosted presence of 6kHz.

As I said, you will get options with this if you have to choose from. TLM 103 is the bestseller microphone of Neumann. If you want some upgrades in this, you can always look for that one. 

You will also get color combinations with these microphones too. You got a nickel and matte black options. Get one which you like.

  • Natural Sounding
  • Affordable pricing
  • Boosted Voice
  • Variations available
  • Shockmount not available
  • No storage case

Shure SM7B

Shure is popular for making durable and high-quality microphones. Microphones that works in most of the environments and conditions. They have put so many efforts into this to stand out. Shure has always been into the list of every kind of microphone you want.

Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Microphone
Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

Shure SM7B is the microphone well known for working perfectly in almost any condition. Whatever you are doing, podcasting, recording sounds, singing, gaming or instrumentals. 

If you are the one who does multiple kinds of works, Shure SM7B is the flexible microphone that you need. There is internal suspended shock isolation that helps you eliminate the mechanical microphone transmission and noise.

You will love the look of this microphone too. SM7B provides you the clean and natural reproduction of both music and speech. 

SM7B is the Cardioid Dynamic microphone. If you are into podcasts you must be knowing about Joe Rogan (#1 podcaster). He uses SM7B for his podcasting and recording stuff. Also, it is quite popular because Michel Jackson used it to record a song ‘Billie Jean

This microphone is since the 70s and still hitting hard in the market. Due to the old technique, you might get some trouble with wiring and connections. But that’s a fair deal with the quality you are getting.

The frequency response of this microphone is 50Hz to 20khz. You will need a good power supply to make this thing shine. SM7B has a maximum sound pressure level of 180 dB which is quite decent.

You will need a proper decent preamp like DCX256s for enhancing it to the greater quality. That’s optional.

If you are more into podcasting and recording speeches you must try this one as this is most preferred for those. The overall quality of this microphone is super great with a decent mid to high pricing range. If your budget is quite decent SM7B can be a great buy.

  • Flexible microphone for every use
  • Internal shock suspends noise perfectly
  • Versatile dynamic microphone
  • Old fashioned
  • Needs proper wiring connections and power

Rode NT1-A

Rode has a really wide presence in the market. They have covered lots of music and sound products you will see. They have been producing great large diaphragm condenser microphones over the years. Most of them are highly recommended by the top musicians and experts. 


NT1-A is the microphone that managed to take a place in our list of best microphones for singers and in the best condenser microphones too. That is what this microphone deserves. 

Many sound and mic experts have said that this microphone is worth every penny you are paying for. Built quality is a perfect metal built and shiny look.

This is how the perfectly built mic is this. You will get supernatural sound quality with no noise issues at all due to its polar pattern. This mic has a good wide range of voice capturing ability.

NT1-A gives a little boost in the voice when you are recording it from the very close in low range. Thus is gives sharpen sound in the low range. 

NT1-A is an XLR Condenser Microphone which requires the 24 to 48 volts of power supply. This mic has a frequency response of 20Hz to 20KHz with the cardioid polar pattern. The maximum sound pressure level is 137dB with -32dB of sensitivity.

This mic works really great on acoustic and electrical instruments. This mic is mostly recommended for those who want to upgrade their previous setup or have some enough knowledge about microphones. 

I expected multiple polar patterns for these microphones. Yet this is the best at capturing voice. That is why it is not a big issue.

If you are looking for an upgrade then you can expect perfect sound output and performance of this microphone. You will love this if you have already been into sound and music.

  • Good built quality
  • Natural sound
  • Great at noise cancellation
  • Best for long-range
  • Works perfectly on electrical instrumentals
  • No switching options for low roll-off
  • Fixed cardioid polar pattern
  • Requires power phantom

Sennheiser MD 421 II

Sennheiser is another brand in the market that has made a good reputation in very little time. They have a good amount of varieties. They focus on creating specific mic for specific kinds of users.

Sennheiser MD421
Sennheiser MD421

There is a catch on this microphone. You will see it.

Sennheiser MD 421 II is the Cardioid Dynamic Microphone which is much reputable in the market. Primary this mic is focused on the best outcome for drum recording, yet this is the microphone that produces really great voice for recordings and speeches. 

Most of the popular artists use this for recording stuff. This mic is going to help you with live performances and on-stage performances too.

MD 421 II is the microphone that you can use to record your high screams too without worrying about anything. This microphone will handle everything. Due to its characteristics or the features, this is ideal for the rap songs or recording the high boosted sounds. 

Sometimes it doesn’t match some low pitch vocals as it is built highly for instrumentals and drums. That is why you will need to look for your usage. If you are someone who is going to record smooth music or classical songs then this mic is definitely not recommended for you.

This mic has a cardioid polar pattern and frequency response of 30Hz to 17KHz. This mic has five different bass roll-off settings which are not offered in every other mic.

Due to five different bass roll-off settings, users will get a wide range of options for tones. It is the top choice when it comes to dynamic microphones as it provides multiple usages.

MD 421 II is hard to beat with the sound quality in the dynamic microphone with so many varieties. It gives you a large pool to test out your things. This is the versatile dynamic microphone you can go for.

If you are someone who wants to use it to record high pressure sounds like rap, rock music, etc this mic can help you make it next level. You can definitely go for this one as it gives you the option of performing on a stage too.

  • Handles very loud sound easily
  • Five bass roll-off positions
  • Best for rap, rock or instrumentals too
  • Use for on-stage performances too
  • Sometimes low pitch vocals don’t match

This is the list for now. I have listed out the best ones here. If you are still not convinced I have a solution for you so don’t worry. If you have any own preferences that don’t match you can always contact me and ask for it. I will help you. 

Please do comment on whatever the issues you have and I will reply to you back as soon as possible or you can also connect me using the contact us page.

Now I am about to tell you some things that you should know about before and after getting one microphone for you. If you don’t have much idea about Studio Microphone then you must read this.

What Are Studio Microphones?

There is no specific category as studio microphones. It is just a term for the microphones which can be used in your studio or room. The microphone that does well in the studio environments. Condenser Microphones and USB Microphones do well job for this. While dynamic microphones are mostly used for live performances and on-stage performances. Yet there is so many dynamic microphones that work really well at the studio too. As you have seen some of them in the above article.

Two of the above five microphones are dynamic and they are perfect for studio and recording speeches.

Though there should have to be the confusion that studio microphones are different categorized. They are just the microphone which is capable of producing high sound quality in-studio environments.

There are some features that you to ensure that is there on the microphone if you are using it for the studio.

Features To Look For In Studio Microphone?

The most important factor that you should look for any microphone that you are going to use for the studio is: Noise Cancellation

Noise Cancellation

Although this is not so concerning factor, if the noise cancellation of a microphone is enough then it will help you produce the raw and natural sound.

Usually, condenser microphones have a cardioid polar pattern which ignores the sound from other sides and captured from the front side only, that is the advantage in a condenser microphone.

You need to take care of this is mostly dynamic microphones as they are built in a different way. But cardioid dynamic microphones like MD 421 II works perfectly at noise cancellation too.

Power Supply

You have to check for it. If you are going with the USB Microphone then it is not going to be the issue for you as it is just plugged and plaything.

In most of the condenser microphones and dynamic microphones, you need to look for the phantom power supply and some wired connections.

There are some technicalities in the condenser and dynamic mics with the connections. In some of them, you need to fix them properly to get the perfect sound output. Based on your experience and knowledge choose one wisely.


As you are here there is no need to look back twice anywhere. I have already sorted out the best ones for you with all the research and talks with experts. 

Mics are the investments and not the things you purchase often. You must look for the reviews and ratings of the microphone that you are going to purchase.

You are all sorted for now, but I always recommend you to have a talk with an expert or someone experienced. If you don’t know anyone you can always connect with me or I can help you connect with experts. 

This is highly recommended to do your research.

Your Preferences

Always look for your own requirements. In the mics, there are so many options available and there is no single reason to compromise on your requirements. 

List out all of your requirements. What you need what you don’t. Make sure you are getting all the things you want and you are not compromising at any point.

There is a huge collection to choose from. You will always get your alternative for any mic.

Don’t stick with anyone, be flexible with choice and try out some and compare those.

Get the best one for you.

Also, check whether it is perfect for the environment like yours or not. That is the most important in studio microphones.


I hope you have got everything cleared for buying the best studio microphone. If still, you have any questions in your mind, do let me know in the comments section, that will help others too. 

You have got the list of best 5 microphones for your studio usage. If you have experienced some microphones do let me know your views, I would love to upgrade my content based on that. That will help my users and gain some real values out of this.

You can also check out the best vocal microphones under $500 if you have to get one in that budget.

I have listed good microphones with various pricing ranges and usage too. You can match your requirements and choose the best one for you. As I have listed some of the best for budget ones, best for rappers, and some for instrumentals too. 

You can always do ping me to ask, I would love to connect and help you out.

Wish you the best buying.

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