Top 5 Best External Microphone For Android Phone in 2021

Using an external microphone will always give you an extra advantage over best noise cancellation and good recording quality.

There are many people who do not use DSLRs or cameras to record their videos. They try to do it on their mobile phones.

Most of the people face the issue of not so good audio quality while recording it on Android phones.

Android Phones mostly does have the normal microphone which captures your sound for calls. It does capture your background noise as well.

It becomes really hectic while you are moving and recording the voice. The sound of the wind, air, etc. gets captured by the microphone of the mobile phone.

Sometimes using the earphone also makes your work easy on the phone call. But, having an external microphone will always give you an edge over recording podcast, videos, etc. for your work.

If you are serious about your work, getting an external microphone is something that I will recommend you to must-have.

There are many options available in many budgets as well. I will give you options based on budget and performance as well.

Before moving ahead, in this article, I have ranked all the microphones which are best for Android Phones. All of these microphones are specifically tested with android phones and the corresponding apps.

You will find many microphones in this list which is compatible with iPhone or other iOS devices as well. If you want a dedicated list of best external microphones for iPhone, do let me know.

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Best External Microphones For Android Phone

Versatile Versatile Rode VideoMic Me
  • Type : Mini Shotgun
  • Best For : Everything
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Best Pick Best Pick Shure MV88+
  • Type : Condenser
  • Best For : Serious Work
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Wireless Versatile Wireless Versatile Rode SmartLav+
  • Type : Lavalier
  • Best For : Wireless
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Budget Friendly Budget Friendly Saramonic SmartMic
  • Type : Shotgun
  • Best For : Video
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Popular Brand Popular Brand Blue Raspberry Premium
  • Type : Small Diaphragm Condenser
  • Best For : Podcast
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Let’s talk about each of this mic in detail.

Rode VideoMicro

Rode VideoMicro

Rode VideoMicro is one of the best versatile external microphones for android phone. It is the Mini Shotgun microphone which works really great for stuff like recording videos, vlogs, etc.

The design of this microphone is attractive and it is made of aluminium construction which makes it more reliable and durable.

You will not need any battery to use this microphone. Just plug in and start recording your stuff.

This microphone is compatible with Camera’s as well. It will be a good fit for you if you are a blogger or someone who shoots on android phone and camera as well.

Rode VideoMicro has the frequency response of 100Hz to 20KHz and the max SPL is 140dB. It can handle almost all the instrumental sounds as well without affecting the quality of the sound.

VideoMicro has the cardioid polar pattern and it is a mini shotgun microphone which makes it perfect for the noise cancellation.

The overall performance of this microphone is 

Rode VideoMicro microphone is the best pick for those who are looking for the versatile microphone for their Android Phone.

  • Impressive design and built quality
  • Good Noise cancellation
  • Real-time Headphone Monitoring
  • Flexible to use and portable
  • Not compatible for some android devices
  • Poor performance when using mobile data

Shure MV88+

If you are serious about your work then this is the most recommended microphone by me and other mic experts.

Shure MV88+ is the best external microphone for android phones. If you are not tied up with the budget and other things, Shure MV88+ is the best pick for you.

MV88+ is the condenser microphone which has cardioid and figure-8 polar pattern. If you are serious about the microphone and your work quality, this is the best choice microphone.

MV88+ is the very unique and beautiful microphone that comes with the mini tripod. It makes your the mic super flexible and portable.

This microphone has the clearest sound quality with zero background or sound noise. The self-noise ration is also very perfect.

The Analog-Digital conversion of Shure MV88+ is 16/24 bit and the sample rate is 44.1/48KHz. The maximum sound pressure level of the mic is 120dB.

Shure MV88+ mic is best for live streams as well.

Here are some outstanding features of Shure MV88+:

  • Included Mini Tripod
  • Works with all iOS devices
  • Works with DSLRs, GoPros, Cameras, etc.
  • Headphone monitoring
  • Cardioid and Figure-8 Polar Pattern
  • The recording is controlled by an  app
  • Comes with a Lightning Connector
  • Live Stream Ready
  • Low self-noise

The mic is versatile enough to work in any conditions. Having two polar patterns gives the best edge over everything in this microphone.

If you don’t have any budget issues or any problem going with premium microphone, then Shure MV88+ is the best pick for you.

  • Attractive Design
  • Portable and flexible
  • Sound Quality
  • Headphone Monitoring
  • Good Noise Cancellation
  • Dual Polar Pattern
  • Low Self Noise
  • Bit Pricey

Rode SmartLav+

Rode SmartLav+ is the best Wireless Lavalier Microphone for Mobile. If you are looking for wireless experience, SmartLav+ is something that you should keep your eyes on.

Rode SmartLav+ is the lavalier microphone which has an omnidirectional polar pattern. It captures sound from all the direction due to its polar pattern.

The frequency response of SmartLav+ is 20Hz to 20KHz and the maximum sound pressure level is 110dB. It will affect a sound a bit when you will record the instrumentals.

While you are recording normal sounds, it won’t give you any hassle.

Having a quiet environment is recommended while using this mic as this has not so good noise cancellation.

Rode SmartLav+ is also very small in size which makes it more comfortable to carry around. It does support iOS devices as well. You can control the recording using the microphone apps.

The wireless range of this microphone is much better than I expected, it will perfect for you to record videos.

The budget of this microphone is also not that high, this will do your work very well. Rode SmartLav+ is the best lavalier microphone for mobile.

If you are looking for the wireless microphone which will make your work much comfortable, then Rode SmartLav+ is the best pick for you.

  • Small and portable
  • Omnidirectional polar pattern
  • Good wireless range
  • Poor app design
  • Cheap plastic body
  • Not compatible with some Android Phones

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Saramonic SmartMic

If you are looking for the most budget-friendly microphone then you should shift your focus on Saramonic SmartMic.

Saramonic SmartMic is the Small Diaphragm TRRS condenser microphone which has a cardioid polar pattern. If you are looking for a GO TO external microphone for your android phone then Saramonic SmartMic is the best choice.

The frequency response of SmartMic is 35Hz to 18KHz and the maximum sound pressure level is 75dB. I expected a bit more sound pressure level.

This mic will affect your sound quality a bit when you record from the loud sources. That is why, this will work best for easy tasks such as calls, podcast recordings, etc.

SmartMic is easily portable and easy to carry away microphone. All you have to do is, plug and go. It does not have a very long cable-like other mics. That is why this is the GO TO mic for you.

It doesn’t have any battery at all and this mic works with iPhone as well.

If you are looking for the easiest to use the microphone or the microphone which is the most budget-friendly, then SmartMic is the best pick for you.

  • Easy to use
  • Budget-friendly
  • Battery-free
  • Captures bit Noise
  • Affects sound quality when the loud source is recorded

Blue Raspberry Premium

All the microphone by Blue company is quite popular. Blue Raspberry Premium is also a very popular external microphone for mobile phones.

Blue Raspberry Premium is a standalone USB electret small-diaphragm condenser microphone. It has the cardioid polar pattern,

The look and the design of this microphone are very unique and attractive. The sound quality of this mic is pretty much perfect for almost all types of recordings.

Raspberry Premium is the best microphone for you is you want to record podcasts or stream live on YouTube, etc. It does have a mute button on it which gives you perfect control over it.

The mic is very easy to carry and connected using the USB or the lightning cable which comes with it.

The frequency response of Blue Raspberry Premium mic is 20Hz to 20KHz and the max SPL is 120dB. The sample rate is 16/24-bit and 44.1/48KHz.

The microphone is very easy to use and does give you enough control over it.

If you are looking for the microphone which does the best job at almost anything and gives you the premium look, then you must check out Blue Raspberry Premium microphone.

  • Easy to use
  • Best looking design
  • Audio Quality
  • Real-time headphone monitoring
  • Mute buttons
  • Non that I found

As I am done with the list of top 5 best microphones, now I will give you a few things to look for when you are buying an external microphone for your mobile phone.

If you have no idea about the microphones or don’t know what things should be looked down while purchasing a microphone for your mobile then, read the following buyer’s guide.

Buyer’s Guide For External Microphone For Android Phone

There are a few basic and easy to understand things that you should check while purchasing the microphone.

All the microphone that I have listed above are the best ones. You should check your own conditions and go with the microphone that fits best in your conditions.


Check the connectivity options that you are getting with your microphone. Some mics need USB connection, some needs OTG or some works with the audio jack as well.

Check the range in wireless microphones.

Make sure you are comfortable with the connectivity of the microphone.

Audio Quality

You must check the audio quality of the mic. Make sure it works fine with the kind of work that you are going to do.

All the mics that I have listed above have the best audio quality.


It matters to a lot of people. That is why Blue mics are one of the popular mics. Design of the mic does matter to some of the people and it also goes well with your setup.

This is all your personal choice over the design.


Check the material used in the body of the microphone. If the body of the microphone is metal construction it lasts very long.

Some plastic body mics often get damaged.


This is something that I always tell everyone. Stick with your own budget. Don’t put your legs out of your pocket.

You will get the mic in every budget. Get the best mic in your budget. That is why I always give options for budget microphones.


How do I use an external mic on Android?

Based on the mic you can connect directly to audio jack or can use it using the USB cable provided with it.

Can you use external mic with Android?

Yes! You can use the external mic with Android to make more improvements in your recording quality.

How do I connect my wireless microphone to my Android phone?

You can connect your wireless microphone to your android phone using the Bluetooth.


I hope you are now ready to make your decision to get one external microphone for your android phone. If you are still confused, here are my recommendations.

I recommend you to get the Shure MV88+ microphone if you can or else you can go with the Rode VideoMicro Mic. Both of these microphones are versatile microphones.

Even if you don’t have any idea about mics, those mics will go great with your work.

Do you have anything to say? Let me know in the comments section.

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