Top 10 Best Condenser Microphones Under $100 In 2021

Finding a perfect microphone that will not betray you on a low budget is a bit of hard work. That task is not that hard either. I have made this thing super simple for you here.

When you are new to the recording world, not everyone is up and ready to spend a big amount on buying a microphone. Everyone starts small and they look for the beginner-friendly budget microphone which will make their work easy.

In this post, I have shared the list of the top 10 best condenser microphones under $100 which you can buy, and the ultimate buyer’s guide as well.

Best Condenser Microphones Under $100

Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick
Audio Technica AT2020
Top Pick for Best Condenser Microphone Under $100 Check On Amazon
Runner Up
MXL 990
Runner Up for Best Condenser Microphone Under $100 Check On Amazon
MXL 770
Best Budget-Friendly Condenser Microphone Under $100 Check On Amazon
Affordable Choice
Behringer C1
Best Affordable Condenser Microphone Under $100 Check On Amazon
Classy Design
Best Condenser Microphone Under $100 with classical design Check On Amazon
Popular Choice
Blue Snowball
Most popular Condenser Microphone Under $100 with classical design Check On Amazon
Audio Technica ATR 2500
Best Condenser Microphone Under $100 for Voiceovers Check On Amazon
Studio Recording
Samson Meteor
Best Condenser Microphone Under $100 for Studio Recording Check On Amazon
Samson GO
Easily Portable Condenser Microphone Under $100 Check On Amazon
Best USB
FiFine K669
Best USB Condenser Microphone Under $100 Check On Amazon

Audio Technica AT 2020

Audio Technica is one of the most trusted and oldest brands in the mic industry. You are going to see the microphones from Audio Technica in almost every list of best microphones, as they are covering up almost any corner that a user may go in mics. They have got you covered with so many variables and ranges based on so many different things and performance.

Audio Technica - AT 2020
Audio Technica – AT 2020 from Amazon

AT 2020 is one of the most recommended condenser microphones. We have already added this mic in many of our other top mics lists articles too. This mic deserves a sweet spot in almost every niche because of the versatility of this mic.

Many top experts have already recommended this microphone for beginners and have got so much positive response from users too. AT 2020 is also the #1 best microphone on Amazon.

AT 2020 is the cardioid condenser microphone which means this mic can pick up the voice only from the front side of the mic. That is best suitable for podcasting and recording stuff as it avoids a lot of noise.

The design and look of this mic is pretty impressive as you are going to get a decent black color mic. This mic looks nice with the amazing build quality. You are going to be satisfied with the built quality of this mic for sure.

AT 2020 is the XLR microphone which means you are going to need an external phantom power supply to use this mic. You can use any phantom power supply with +48 Volts of power supply.

The frequency response of this mic is 20Hz – 20Khz, that is why it can capture any sound that is audio for humans. The maximum Sound Pressure of this microphone is 144dB which is nice. You are not going to catch up with any issue even if you are on instruments. Being this mic is super versatile you can always use for multi-purpose.

AT 2020 is the versatile mic that you can get if you are going to do multitasking such as vocals as well instrumentals. This mic is far ahead than basic use. This will not limit you only up to recording some podcasts and all.

If you are very serious about your recording and studio stuff then this mic will not let you down. If you are not sure about scaling and just want to record your voice, then I will suggest you to check out more of the cheaper and normal options available ahead.

This microphone will fit best for you if you are a newbie and do not want to think much about other stuff. If you want to upgrade you can also check out the other AT 2035 variation of this mic, which is the highest mic in this series. [Obviously, if you want to spend a little bit more than you can check that one, else AT 2020 is the BEST]

  • Versatile Microphone
  • Nice Noise Cancellation
  • Classical Design
  • Beginner Friendly
  • No Cons At This Pricing

MXL 990

MXL microphones are the company that stands for quality microphones. It is the brand that started producing quality mics that musicians love in 1980. Since then, they have been producing really good quality products and have made some of the remarkable mics that most of the sound experts recommend for everyone.

MXL 990 Mounted
MXL 990 Mounted – From Amazon

MXL 990 is known as the industry’s most groundbreaking microphone. That is the reason why I have added this in the list at the top section. I have personal experience with this microphone for more time spent using this. I am in love with the versatility of this microphone.

You are not going to get laid off by this mic, whatever you have to do.

I have tested vocals, instrumentals, podcasts and whatnot. MXL 990 has gone through almost all kinds of tests that one can do.

MXL 990 mic is the XLR microphone which means it requires 48 volts of phantom power supply to make it work. You can not use this by directly plugging it to your system.

The built quality of this microphone feels really sturdy and it is nice. It has all metal construction and nice grills. You will surely feel nice using this mic. Champagne finish on this mic gives it a premium look. You are also getting other color variants as well.

MXL 990 has a frequency response of about 30Hz to 20Khz, which is decent. This is the cardioid condenser mic which will pick sounds only from the front direction. MXL 990 has a maximum sound pressure level of 130dB.

This mic is recommended much for those who want to start into podcasting and studio. So even if you are also thinking of starting your studio stuff, you can give this a thought.

The SPL of this mic is a bit low that is why you might feel some lack of purity when you will record instrumentals. That is almost negligible as it is not going to affect your sound quality.

MXL 990 produces a very crispy sound on the vocals and clean sound on the acoustics. You might feel a little bit of presence on the high end when recording from the instrumentals.

This mic does a great job at canceling the noise in the background. You are going to get a smoother experience with this while recording.

So, this mic will also fit for you if you are a newbie starting. You can also check out the price of this mic on amazon and compare it with other mics as well. You are in safe hands with this mic even if you are just starting.

  • Multipurpose Microphone
  • Sturdy & Nice Design
  • Clean sound on instrumentals
  • Good noise cancellation
  • Less low end
  • Max SPL is slightly low

Check out in-depth MXL 990 Microphone Review to know more about the microphone.

MXL 770

We have already talked about the MXL company. They have made so many options available for you, even if you are not convinced by the one. So, here is another great mic for you.

MXL 770
MXL 770 Cardioid Condenser Microphone from Amazon

MXL 770 is best preferred by those who want to be a bit cheaper than MXL 990. That too, without compromising on the quality much.

MXL 770 has been the pick for those who want a good quality versatile mic that will work decently enough on all types of small starter instrumentals.

These mics are not recommended for those who have already been into sound and stuff before. If you are thinking of picking up something cheaper and later move on, then this can be your savior. This is one of your cost-effective mic.

This microphone is not bad at all even if the pricing is a bit low. You are going to get a really good sound output from this.

The only issue you might get is if you are an expert who wants almost 100% perfection in the sound quality.

MXL 770 is the cardioid condenser microphone that serves you as a versatile mic with multipurpose functions. This mic is a perfect match for those who are just starting in vocals, pianos and instrumentals.

The design of MXL 770 is very sturdy and attractive. This mic has got a nice metal coating which looks nice. Although, the durability of this mic is not that long, told by the users. That is why the company tells you to handle it properly.

MXL 770 is the XLR microphone which means you are going to need a phantom power supply to use this mic. You can not use this mic with your USB system.

MXL 770 has a frequency response of 30Hz to 10Hz. This mic also has the 6-micron gold-sputtered diaphragm which makes the sound crispy and clear. You are also getting the switch to increase or decrease the bass roll-off. The noise cancellation of this mic is nice enough.

MXL 770 has got the max SPL of 137dB which is not bad with this pricing. You get your work done.

MXL 770 is the entry-level microphone. If you are looking for the budget microphone for podcasts or recording your vocals only, then only you should check it out. Else you can always go with the upper version MXL 990.

  • Works well on all started instrumentals as well
  • Attractive and premium design
  • Gives you a crispy sound
  • Durability is not so longer
  • Not so great noise cancellation

Check out he in-depth MXL 700 Microphone Review to know more features.

Behringer C1

Behringer is another trusted company that is nice at producing studio microphones. They have made so many variations even in the same categories, so even if you are not convinced you can get it covered with another.

Behringer C-1
Behringer C-1 Professional Condenser Microphone from Amazon

If you were looking for another alternative of the MXL 770, then C1 can be your choice. There are some things which you should look before it.

Behringer C1 is the large-diaphragm condenser microphone which is specially made for the studio recordings. They have designed it very professionally. The design of this mic is very classical and it is metal construction.

If you are thinking of getting a mic for live streaming then c1 produces nice output in streaming. With the FET input, this mic eliminates low-frequency distortion. That will give you a smoother experience while streaming.

C1 has got the frequency response of 40Hz to 20Khz. They have given a very less low end. This might affect some of the tiny voices due to the low end. You will get a nice output in the male bassy voice too.

C1 has got the 136dB of maximum sound pressure level. This mic handles the acoustic and instrumentals very clearly. This mic is the XLR microphone which means you are going to need some external power supply to make it useful.

You cannot use it by directly plugging it to the system. You will see some of the USB mics ahead, hold on for it.

Behringer C1 has nice and clear noise cancellation. This mic will give you pretty nice responses in the streaming at very budget pricing.

This is another affordable choice you can think about. If you are just starting a YouTube gaming channel then you are good to go with this.

  • Made for studio recordings
  • Professional design
  • Effective noise cancellation
  • Handles acoustics nicely
  • Low bottom end
  • Very budget pricing


Here is another variant from the MXL company for you. This one is something classical with the design itself. This is the recommendation specifically for the ones who are more into instrumental music.

MXL V67G Condenser Microphone from Amazon

MXL V67G is the large-diaphragm condenser microphone. The look of this microphone is very vintage with the golden and green coating. This mic is definitely going to stand out with the look itself. This is not what you get in all other mics.

The sound quality of this mic is very crispier. If you are going to record vocals, you will surely fall in love with this mic.

This mic is already producing intense and clean sound for you. V67G has become a very eye catchy mic and gives you vintage vibes.

V67G has frequency response of 30Hz to 20Khz. This mic has a bit narrowed lower end. That is why you might see some boost in top.

This mic has maximum sound pressure level of 130dB. That is why you will need to keep your surroundings silent. I personally found this mic bit normal about noise cancellation. It is because of the larger size of the diaphragm.

MXL V67G is the XLR Condenser Microphone which means you are going to need an external power supply such as phantom power.

This mic gives pretty nice output in the acoustic and normal instruments. You might feel some harsh high sound while recording the vocals.

MXL V67G is not recommended much for gamers, podcasters unless you have quite a room or studio which does not make any noise at all. You can go with this mic if you are going to record some basic bands and stuff that needs hershey sound.

You might get attracted to this mic classy design and built quality of this microphone. [That is also one factor which you should consider as well]

  • Vintage design
  • Very crispier sound
  • Clear sound output
  • Narrowed lower end
  • Low SPL so decent noise cancellation

You can check MXL V67G Microphone Review to know more about this microphone

Blue Snowball

Blue is one of my favourite mic brands when it comes to USB microphones. They have focused much more on producing the mics that are attractive as well as super compatible so that you will not feel it heavy.

Blue Snowball USB Microphone from Amazon
Blue Snowball USB Microphone from Amazon

Blue Snowball is the multi-pattern USB Microphone. This is the microphones aimed at the entry-level podcasters, gamers and vocal artists.

If you are not interested in XLR Microphones then here is the recommendation for you. There is also another upper version of this mic as Blue Snowball ice. You can check it out also.

The built quality of this microphone is very normal. This microphone has plastic construction and it is a bit heavier. You get the three-leg stand USB Mic.

Blue Snowball is the pretty basic microphone with excellent sound capturing. You will be impressed by the sound capturing and smoothness of this microphone.

Blue Snowball has a frequency response of 40Hz to 18KHz. That is not the normal frequency response that you get in the XLR microphones, yet this is fine.

This mic used the USB Type B which is a bit shocking as no one uses it much.

Blue Snowball is really easy to go mic. As this is a USB mic you have no worries at all. Just plug it to your PC and start capturing whatever you want.

Snowball has the normal noise cancellation which is not the best one. The best feature of Blue Snowball is the multi-pattern. You get the option to choose from 3 different polar patterns such as:

CARDIOID – Which picks up the sound from the front side [idle for podcasting]

OMNIDIRECTIONAL – Turn this pattern on whenever you need to record something with your group.

CARDIOID WITH -10dB PAD – This pattern will lower the sensitivity when you are recording the sound from a high-pressure source.

This is a unique feature of this microphone you are getting in it.

Snowball will not blow up your mind at all, but this will not also disappoint you anywhere.

Blue Snowball has got pretty normal and clear sound quality with some unique features. If you are going to use your mic for multiple purposes such as own recording, group discussion recording, then this mic can save you a lot.

  • Multipolar pattern USB Mic
  • Excellent sound capturing
  • Good noise cancellation
  • Very simple built quality
  • USB Type B will need to use

Audio Technica ATR 2500

Audio Technica has also expanded and made some classy USB microphones as well. Audio Technica focuses more on providing decent quality output for every kind of guy. They are more focused on manufacturing versatile microphones.

ATR 2500 USB Microphone
ATR 2500 USB Microphone from Amazon

ATR 2500 is the alternative USB microphone that you can get. This mic has got some nice features. ATR 2500 is the cardioid pattern USB microphones that pick sound from the 180-degree front side.

The ATR 2500 has got the high-quality AD Converter [Analog to Digital Converter] which makes the quality of this mic on vocals pretty nice.

The design of this mic is normal. The built quality of this mic is not that great, as it has some metal construction with plastics which does not give any premium feel.

Frequency response of this microphone is 30Hz to 15Khz. This frequency response is very good in a USB microphone. The maximum sound pressure level of this mic is not given by the company.

ATR 2500 sounds great on acoustics. It will sound normal or decent on electric instruments and it will sound very good on the voice recording.

Being the USB mic it is very easy for you to connect with your pc and start.

The noise cancellation of this mic is really good. I will suggest the stable stand for this mic, which is very important to get the perfection in your output.

Even if the built quality of this mic is not that decent, you are getting a lifetime guarantee of this mic. Now, that’s a big deal.

This mic is recommended for those who want to make some recordings and stuff. You can use this to record some demos of your vocals. But this is not as perfect to record the whole vocals. You might not feel perfection while recording whole vocals.

You can go with ATR 2500 if you are thinking to do voiceovers, podcasting, studio recording or music demos as this mic is pretty basic. Although the sound quality of this mic is nice.

  • High-quality AD Converter
  • Sounds great on acoustics
  • Very easy to use
  • Normal design & built quality
  • Best for demos only

Samson Meteor

Samson is a well-known brand that focuses on producing high-quality USB Microphones. They manufacture mics that are very seamless to carry anywhere. The mic feels nice and the audio quality of Samson mics is also pretty impressive.

Samson Meteor USB Studio Microphone
Samson Meteor USB Studio Microphone from Amazon

Samson Meteor is the large-diaphragm condenser microphone. Meteor is manufactured especially for the podcasters in mind. This is a perfect studio microphone for recording vocals in the studio or podcasts.

The frequency response of the meteor is 20Hz to 20Khz which is usually not able to be seen in USB Mics. That will give you an advantage in producing the plain and clean sound output.

The design of the Samson Meteor is impressive. It has got the retro look with very short tri-legs. That seems unique. This mic will stand out. The built quality of mic is premium and lightweight.

Meteor is very simple and easy to use mic. You are not going to need any drivers to install in your pc to use this mic. All you have to do is just plug and play. This mic is very simple and plain. You have got very minimal options which are important.

You have got the headphone connector with this mic. You can record and listen to your recordings simultaneously while recording. This will help you a lot while you are on a skype call for a meeting.

You might lose some gain control as there are not so many options. Yet you can use the app to control the mic settings.

If you are looking for the very easy to go mic for your upcoming podcasting show or you just have to use the new mic for meetings and calls, then meteor will help you. This mic is specially made for podcasters to start with the budget mic.

This mic is not recommended for those who want to record much of instrumentals and high sources. You will get clear and high-quality sound in vocals in your studio. That is what this mic is made for.

  • Made for podcasters
  • Retro look
  • No need to install any drivers
  • Not so good for higher-end instrumentals

Samson GO

Samson has produced mics based on many professions. They have also made some of the versatile mics, yet they are much focused on making the best mics for every category to fall into.

Samson GO Portable USB Microphone
Samson GO Portable USB Microphone from Amazon

Even if you are a YouTuber who goes out and sometimes. I have got you covered with this. Samson GO is the PORTABLE USB Microphone. This is good looking and one of the most recommended portable mic.

If you are a traveler who goes out or changes spots all the time, then this mic is not going to be any hectic for you. All you have to do is, bring it anywhere and plug and play.

Samson GO has got a nice and cute look with a zinc molded finish and pad to absorb the shock. That will also minimize a lot of vibrations. This mic feels a bit fragile at the diaphragm.

Samson GO is a very lightweight mic.

You will get the multipolar pattern in this mic exactly as you got in the Blue Snowball mic. You are getting cardioid, cardioid with -10dB pad and omnidirectional mic.

You are getting 80Hz to 18Khz of frequency response in cardioid polar pattern and 20Hz to 20KHz of frequency response in the omnidirectional polar pattern.

Being the multipolar pattern this mic will not give you the top-notch quality noise cancellation. I will suggest you use the pop filter for it to reduce the noise.

You will hear 16-bit/44.1Khz in Samson GO.

The sound quality of this mic is very clear and you are getting the premium output at this budget. Samson GO does not have many features, as it is a very simple mic with quality sound output.

Samson GO is mostly recommended for –

  • YouTubers – If you are going to start your YouTube channel, you might need to move from many places. You might also need to vlog. Then you use this GO mic which is very portable for you. GO will also give your crispy and decent sound even if you are doing live streaming.
  • Content Creators – If you are a content creator on social media then you are not much worried about the top-notch quality perfection. All you need is a clear and clean sound. This mic is perfect for content creators.
  • Conference Calls – If you are looking for a mic that you can use in the meetings or conference calls then GO will not let you down. You might need to attend the calls anytime soon, plug and play is the best option when you are in a hurry.

You have got the idea now. If you’re a content creator or a beginner in some content work then this mic is for you. You cannot expect the top-notch quality vocals and instrumentals from this mic. As this mic is specially made with the portability keeping in the mind.

  • Portable USB Microphone
  • Easy for travelers & Vloggers
  • Lightweight
  • Multipolar pattern
  • Best for social media content creators
  • Not so good build quality
  • Not so good noise cancellation

FiFine K669B

Fifine is the emerging brand that is growing up very nicely in the market. They have started making good quality microphones at reasonable pricing. The main target area of this company is newbies.

FiFine K669
FiFine K669 from Amazon

Fifine K669 is the cheapest microphone in this list. If you are still not impressed with the pricing and what you are getting with the above mics then you should take a look at Fifine K669.

You can not expect the premium features at this budget but you surely can expect the clean and clear output.

K669 is the podcasting USB Microphone which is portable and manufactured especially for podcasters and studio recorders.

The K669 has a very unique and attractive look with the sturdy design. The built quality of this mic is nice with the metal construction. Being the lightweight, this mic is also easily portable.

K669 has got the frequency response of 20Hz to 20Khz and a maximum sound pressure level of 130dB. Many users have complained that this mic picks up some unwanted noise as the noise cancellation is not that great in this mic. K669 has a bit rate of 16-bit and sampling rate of 48Khz to hear.

K669 has got the inbuilt cable to this mic. This might be the issue for some people but that is all about the construction part. It doesn’t matter with the sound quality. Also stand stability complains as a bit negative by the users.

You definitely can not expect much more premium features and parts in this mic. But K669 has got the crystal clear sound output. That will not disappoint you.

If you are thinking of getting a backup mic for your primary premium one which you will get later, then you can pick this up. Instrumentals sound a bit Hershey in this mic. You might not get convicted with that sound.

If you want a mic for interviews, podcasts at a very cheap price then you can go with FiFine as the sound quality will not let you down.

  • Crystal clear sound output
  • Unique and attractive design
  • Easily portable
  • Cheapest Microphone on our list
  • Noise cancellation is not so good for vocals

Check out the in-depth Fifine K669B USB Microphone Review

If you are buying your very first microphone and do not know anything about it, then let me help you out by sharing some things which you MUST consider before buying the mic.

Best Condenser Microphone Under $100: Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Here are some of the things that you must check out before choosing the mic for you. Based on your personalization, compare your things with this list and choose the one which fits you.


The durability of any electronic product is not considered based on the performance or the physical damage. If you check out the guarantee or warranty of the mic you are going to purchase you can get up to 10 years of warranty on certain mics.

If there are any issues in sound quality or connection (other than physical damage) you can get it done by the company itself for free.

Most of the popular brands cover these things in their mics, all the mics that I have listed are the top brand and almost all of them are great with the durability service.

Other than that, check out the grip and physical appearance of the mic also, you might get some idea from it too.

Diaphragm Size

This might seem like a technical thing but it is very basic. There are various types of diaphragm sizes in the mics based on what it is made for.

Large/Wide or Small/Narrow are the diaphragm sizes you will see in the microphone.

Both have their own advantages. Small diaphragm microphones produce a very realistic and natural sound which is best for those who want to record classical songs, vocals and soothing stuff. Small diaphragm microphones are best for the detailed pick up of the recorded voice.

Large-diaphragm microphones produce more of the energetic voice because of lower self-noise. If you are more into podcasting, pop, rapping and stuff which needs more intense and energetic sound then you should choose for the large one.

Polar Patterns

Choosing the correct polar pattern based on your need is very important, as it decides how your mic is going to pick up the voice from different directions.

If you are going to use the mic only for the speaking purpose then you should not be worried much about this, yet it is better to know about them.

Omnidirectional Polar Pattern picks up the voice from all the directions. This mic will capture sound from all the directions, because of that, you might end up getting some noise in your output. That does not affect the quality of the sound much.

Cardioid Polar Pattern is the pattern which you will see common in most of the mics. This pattern picks up the sound only from a single direction. This is best for those who are purchasing mic for podcasting, interviews, vocals as this mic has very high cancellation.

Bidirectional Polar Pattern is the pattern that captures the sound from the front and backside of the mic. If you have to share your mic with someone other then this can be your choice over a cardioid polar pattern. Most of the people prefer bidirectional patterns when they have to record duets or group songs.


Even if we are already covering this in this article, I would like to share this with you. You must consider your pricing and budget before getting a new mic. Mic industry is so vast that you are going to get so many variations at almost any pricing you want. So there is no need to compromise on the budget and go for the big-budget mics only.

If you are a beginner just starting I will highly recommend you to go with the less budget microphone. You will get the best. As I am going to cover you up in this article.

Sound Pressure Level (SPL)

In some of the mics, you might get some voice vibrations of the mic itself due to the high sound.

If the microphone has a high SPL or sound pressure level that means it can easily handle the high-pressure sounds without capturing the unwanted sound from your mic itself.

SPL level is calculated in the dB. Higher SPL is always better especially when you are going to record acoustics and instrumentals which have high bass and pressure.

Type of the Mic

You cannot ignore this if this might give you some trouble with connectivity and stuff if you don’t like it.

There are two types of condenser microphones available as USB Microphone and XLR Microphone.

USB Microphones come with direct connectivity to your PC or system by the USB port. You don’t need to worry much about the connection of USB Microphones as they are pretty easy to connect and handle as well.

XLR Microphones come with the XLR cable. You need a phantom power supply to connect this. That is not anything hard in this mic, as this mic also gives you more features with this too.

I have covered both types of mics in this list.


It is always advised to look for reviews of any product that you are going to buy. You get an idea of how this mic will work and what you can expect from it. You might catch some issues in the mics which can not be tolerated in your work. That is why it is always better to check out for reviews.

I have also shared the pros and cons of every mic here. You will get an idea from it.


There are so many brands out there in the market of mics. It is always advised to go with a reputable and trusted one.

Brand products cover you up with the guarantee and after-sales support also.

I have already added all the mics from the top quality brands, that is why you are in safe hands. All of the brands that I have listed over here are reputed and have been in this market for a very long time.

Check out Top 10 Best Microphone Brands in 2021 to know the best brands in current market.

Design & Build Quality

This is all your personal choice. You must always choose the mic which seems comfortable to you.

Choose the design which you like and also check out what material is used in the mic. That will also give you an idea of the durability of the mic based on the material that is used to build the microphone.

This is all your personal preference as the design will not affect the quality of the sound that your mic will produce.


As we are covering mics under $100 only, you are not going to be introduced to some of the high features. Yet there are so many different technical features you will see in the mic such as switching between pads, switch of the polar pattern (only in the mics which have multipolar patterns), and much more.

All those features boosts up the credibility and gives you the most options to try out.

Check what features you are getting in the microphone you are going for. Also, you should check what other things you are getting with the mic that you have bought such as a stand, shock mount, etc.

That is it. These are the things you must check before buying a microphone. Now it is time to move to our main list of the best microphones.

You can read a guide on some easy tips to improve microphone sound quality.

Hourglass For Time
Time is running up! Let’s dive in to the actual list now

Best Condenser Microphone Under $100: FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which condenser mic is best?

There are uncountable condenser microphones available in the market. I have made the list of best condenser mic under $100 and the overall as well.

What is the best cheap microphone?

There are various options available. You can check the Top 10 Best Condenser Microphones Under $100 to get the best cheap microphone.

Is condenser microphone better than dynamic?

Both microphones does have different uses. Condenser microphones works best in studio environment while dynamic microphones are good for the stage and live performances.

How do I choose a condenser microphone?

I have already made the list of Top 10 Best Condenser Microphones Under $100 and Best Condenser Microphones Under $300 where you will get the best condenser microphones to choose from.


I have almost covered every corner you can go into. Whether you want a mic for the studio, instrumentals, live streaming, content, or whatever it is. Whatever you want XLR mic or a USB mic, I have added almost every type of mic that you can get.

Get the best match for you from this list. Do not compromise on anything that is needed for you, as you have got so many options available.

As these are all entry-level mics you can always get started with this and later on move to some other best microphones. You should try out from this and you can always upgrade to the upper level of this mics.

I always suggest you look for things before buying as you saw at the start of this article. Make sure you are getting that thing in mic which you need to get your work done.

If you don’t want to spin up your head then I will recommend you go with a versatile mic such as AT 2020 which will open many options for you.

All the mics are worth the money you are spending. I have also compiled the list of best vocal microphones under $500 and the best studio microphones if you are still looking.

If you have some questions related to this then do let me know in the comments section below.

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