What Does a Shock Mount Do for a Mic?

You must have heard a lot about people using shock mount with their microphone to get almost no vibrations and self-noise. There are so many other things that you will need to know about the shock mount which will help you enhance the performance of your microphone.

A shock mount is a very useful device that allows you to use a microphone even in high noise environments. The shock mount is also needed to prevent vibrations or sounds from the microphone stand.

In this post, I am going to share what is shock mount, what does a shockmount does for a mic, and other things that you should know about.

What is a Shock Mount?

Boseen Microphone Shock Mount Mic

A shock mount is a device that is attached to a microphone, to isolate it from external vibrations. Shockmounts also protect the microphone from physical damage and reduce noise caused by handling.

Shockmounts do not reduce noise from wind or plosives (pop noise) and are not a substitute for using pop filters. They are also not required for condenser microphones.

The shock mount is a rubber membrane, or set of rubber membranes, which are attached to a spring. The membrane is shaped to fit around the microphone’s base, which is placed inside the membrane so that the mic is suspended in the middle of the shock mount.

Boseen Microphone Shock Mount Mic Holder - Anti Vibration Spider Shockmount Compatible with Many Condenser Mics Like AT2020 MXL 770 MXL 990 Samson G Track Pro Rode Procaster NT1-A Neumann U87 etc.

What Does a Shock Mount Do for a Mic?

Shock mounts are suspension systems for microphones and are a fundamental part of any professional recording setup.

Its primary function is to act as a buffer between the microphone and any external sources of vibration.

Without a shockmount, even the slightest touch can cause a microphone to pick up unnecessary handling noise.

Shockmounts are designed to reduce the risk of microphones picking up thumps, bumps, or cable vibrations through the microphone itself or the microphone stand. (This is usually the most significant issue.) They also reduce handling noise.

A shockmount is made from an elastic polymer, usually a rubber. The elasticity of the mount dampens the vibration of the microphone. The shockmount should prevent the microphone from making contact with the stand or desk, and isolate the microphone from the stand.

Why You Need a Shock Mount?

A shock mount is a piece of equipment that basically protects a microphone from being knocked around.

The shock mount is designed to prevent the boom from hitting the microphone and create a natural flow of sound.

Once you start recording your own audio, you’re going to need a shock mount. A shock mount or pop filter is a device that reduces the amount of “plosives” or “P’s” in a recording.

It does this by gently diffusing the air that comes out of your mouth, thus removing the “p” in “pop”. It’s a lot like how your mother told you not to spit at people, but in this case, the goal is to not spit on your voice.

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How to Connect Shock Mount to Mic Stand?

Ports on microphones and mixers are usually ¼”, which means that you can easily connect any mic to a mic cable. But what if you want to connect your shock mount?

If you want to connect your shock mount to a mic stand, you’ll have to use a shock mount adapter – a small piece of plastic that connects the shock mount to a mic cable.


I hope you would have understood everything about the Shock Mount and the usage of it. Shock Mounts are really helpful in order to get the best sound output and performance with your microphone.

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