In-Depth Samson MBA38 Review: Microphone Boom Arm

Samson MBA38 is one of the most talked-about boom arms in the microphone industry. It was also best to pick some of the great musicians and microphone experts for the best boom arm as well.

There were many people asking me to choose between the Samson MBA38 boom arm and the Rode PSA1 boom arm. PSA1 is the very long-time boom arm in the market and Samson MBA38 is the new boom arm that has made the name in quite a less time.

In this post, I am going to do the in-depth Samson MBA38 review which you can read to know everything you have to about the Samson MBA38 boom arm.

Samson MBA38 Boom Arm Review

Samson is one of the well-known brands in the market which has quite various products in the electronics category. Samson is one of the budding and quality brands in the electronics niche that is in the market for a very long time.

Samson MBA38 Boom Arm
  • Highly adjustable microphone boom enables horizontal and vertical positioning...
  • 38” of maximum arm reach gives users max microphone placement flexibility,...
  • Boom arm offers 5/8”-27 mic clip threading for easy microphone integration
  • Can be easily attached to a desk or tabletop with sturdy C-clamp mount or fixed...
  • Internal springs provide effortless and silent microphone positioning which is...
Samson MBA38 Boom Arm is one of their latest product which they launched in the year 2017 and has become one of their bestseller product as well.

Samson MBA38 boom arm is popular because of the design and the impressive material of the boom arm. It feels sleek and best in your hands when you hold it.

The boom arm has got some best matte finishing as well.

Let’s talk about each and everything about the Samson MBA38 boom arm.


The design of the Samson MBA38 is what catches your attention in the very first place. It is very classical and attractive. It will surely look the best with any of your studio setups.

Built Quality

The boom arm is made of metal and it has some shiny finishing as well. The material used is very stable and durable as well. You don’t need to be worried about the quality of the products made by Samson at all.


The thing Samson MBA38 is popular from the features. Samson MBA38 has got some unique features such as a hidden wire management system as well. The features of this boom arm make it quite easy to use and handle the boom arm.


The boom arm is super stable and does not make any noise at all. It has a length of about 38 inches horizontal which is more than enough. You can also get the other variants based on the other lengths as well. It can handle heavyweight as well.


It is a bit pricey but not that high priced when it comes to the features that you get with it. The boom arms come into the budget-friendly category which is best for low pockets as well. Samson MBA38 is one of the best in budget boom arm that you can get.


The boom arm gives you the maximum flexibility and ideal hands position for recording interviews or podcasts. The rotating angles of the boom arm are perfect and easily adjustable as well.

Samson MBA38 is going to be one of the best boom arms picks without any regrets for sure.

Check out the video review of Samson MBA38.

Pros and Cons of Samson MBA38

  • High Load Weight
  • Cable Management System
  • Foldable & Portable
  • Premium Design
  • Durable
  • A bit pricey for beginners

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Final Verdict

Samson MBA38 Boom Arm is one of the best boom arms that is available in the market. This is one of those products which falls under the premium quality products. All the things that they have the best in performance and features.

You don’t need to be worried about the reliability and the features of the Samson MBA38 boom arm.

If the pocket suits you and you liked the products then you are in safe hands with Samson MBA38. You can go for the pick with Samson MBA38 without having any second thought in your mind.

Do you still have something cooking in your mind? Do let me know in the comments below.

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