Rode NTK Microphone Review (2021)

Rode NTK is one of the most talked-about a microphone that we see in most of the top microphone lists.

This microphone has got some really impressive stats, performance, sound quality and that equals the success of the microphone as well.

In this post, I am going to review the Rode NTK microphone. I will talk about technical specifications, features, pros, cons, etc of Rode NTK.

You will also get some samples and demo of Rode NTK as well.

To give you the review of this microphone, I have tested out this microphone by myself. That is why all the things in this post are based on my own personal experience.

Rode NTK Microphone Review

Rode NTK Tube Condenser Microphone

Rode NTK is classical tube condenser microphone which stands out much better when you put some premium condenser microphones.

It has the cardioid polar pattern, thus it records sound only from the front direction of the microphone.

This is the microphone which is well suited for your studio recordings.

Rode NTK is also known as the quietest microphone in the market due to the low self-noise of this microphone.

Rode NTK is a very simple microphone which does not have pads or multiple polar patterns. It is simple cardiodi tube condenser mic which sounds clean, natural and it does have some warmth in the sound as well.

It is the microphone which can compete with other premium condenser microphones in the market when it comes to sound quality.

Let me take you through some of the technical specifications of Rode NTK which are helpful for you.

Technical Specifications of Rode NTK

As I said, Rode NTK is the simple microphone. It does not have some extra options which you get microphone such as buttons to switch between pads or stuff like that.

It does have all the core function that any condenser microphone has. The best thing is, all the core functions are highly optimised options at the best that you will understand why people talk about this mic.

Here are some of the technical specs of Rode NTK.

Microphone Rode NTK
Type Cardioid Tube Condenser Microphone
Frequency Response 20Hz to 20KHz
Maximum SPL 158B
Polar Pattern Cardioid
Phantom Power Not Required
Weight 760 Grams
Sensitivity -54 dB
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The frequency response of Rode NTK is 20Hz to 20KHz, which means this sound can record any sound that human ear can listen to. It is a proper frequency response for any condenser microphone.

Rode NTK does have very low self-noise (less than 12 dBA) which is super cool. You won’t get any distraction or noise in your recorded sound at all.

This mic has two separate dedicated power supply and the excellent shock mounting of the internal HF-2 capsule. That makes the self-noise of the microphone very low.

Rode NTK can easily handle the high sound pressure level of about 158dB. It can easily handle any high-pressure instrumentals like rock or even the rapping.

Rode NTK is one of the best microphones for rapping as well. If you want to record rap in your home studio. Rode NTK is the mic which you should be considering.

Rode NTK mic comes with the self-power supply. You will not need the phantom power supply to use the Rode NTK microphone.

Features & Benefits of Rode NTK

Design and built quality

Rode NTK does have a simple yet classical design which is eye-catchy. It does look professional.

It comes with a satin nickel finish and the high strength steel mesh head which makes it more durable.

The built quality of this mic is also nice and worth.

Sound Quality

Rode NTK has great sound quality. It has a clean, neutral sound.

This microphone is well suited for the studio recordings. This is a studio must like microphone which is best for home recordings.

The sound does have warmth in the output which makes it feel more vibrant and active.

The mic sound really great for narration work. It works like charm for podcasting, audiobooks, etc.

The microphone has a proper balance of articulation, low end, and warmth to the track.

Noise Cancellation

This microphone is also known as the quietest microphone in the market. That itself proves the noise cancellation of this microphone.

You won’t hear anything other than what you want to record with this microphone.

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For whom is Rode NTK Mic?

To be honest, this microphone is perfect for anyone who wants to record something in their studio.

If you have to record vocals, podcast, interviews, songs, streaming, etc. it will be the best pick for you.

This microphone is much better for those who do not want to get into much tougher technicalities of the microphone.

This microphone is simple for anyone to use.

Even the budget of this microphone is also affordable for many. The quality of the sound that you are getting with this microphone is just impressive that I would highly suggest this microphone to anyone.

  • Great & Clean sound quality
  • Low self-noise
  • No phantom power required
  • Best pick for home recording
  • Affordable pricing
  • Bit more sensitive


This microphone is much better that what you expect at this pricing point and it gives you all rounder performance as well.

The microphone is simple yet the best with the sound quality and performance. You can use it for any of your use.

There are no drawbacks for use and it is the professional mic which is recommended by some of the top artists as well.

Do you have anything to share regarding Rode NTK? Or want to ask anything about it? Do let me know, in the comments section below.

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