MXL R80 Ribbon Microphone Review (2021)

MXL R80 Ribbon Microphone is the microphone that is suggested a lot for daily use recordings. It is the one which comes at very reasonable pricing and decent quality as well.

In this post, I am going to review and give you all the things that you need to know about MXL R80 Ribbon Microphone.

I have tried out this microphone by myself and tested it serval times to check the quality and if it is worth it. You will know all the pros and cons of MXL R80 in this post.

MXL R80 Ribbon Microphone

Let’s start with what you are going to get in the box when you purchase it.

What you will get in the box with MXL R80 Microphone?

This is necessary as you should not be missing anything. As in this case, there is nothing much.

The things that you are going to get when you unbox MXL R80 are:

  1. MXL R80 Ribbon Microphone
  2. Hard mount mic stand adaptor
  3. Cleaning Cloth

Unlike most of the microphone set, you are not getting the pop filter, etc.

MXL R80 Ribbon Microphone
  • Audio
  • Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Max SPL: 130 dB
  • Connectivity: XLR
  • Pattern and type

Technical Specifications of MXL R80 Ribbon Microphone

MXL R80 Ribbon Microphone is the Ribbon Velocity Microphone that is recommended for daily recording use. It is a good microphone for those who do small works, freelancing or those who need to recording something regularly.

The microphone is made for high output instruments such as amps, guitar cabinets and horns.

The microphone has got all-metal construction which makes it more durable and reliable as well. With the price point, the built quality of this microphone is much impressive.

MXL R80 has the figure-8 polar pattern which is ideal for Ribbon microphone or dynamic microphones. It will capture all the sound from the front and back direction of the microphone. It will leave a large amount of rejection 90 off access.

MXL R80 microphone does have the frequency response of 20Hz to 20KHz and the max SPL of 130dB.

The overall sound quality of this microphone is much more impressive than what you expect from low price microphones. It has a mellow sound with a rich midrange, which is ideal for vocal recordings as well.

Here are more technical specifications of MXL R80.

MicrophoneMXL R80 Ribbon Microphone
TypeRibbon Velocity Microphone
Frequency Response20Hz to 20KHz
Maximum SPL130dB
Impedance250 ohms
Polar PatternFigure-8
Phantom PowerNot Required
Weight322 Grams
Sensitivity-54 dB
Rated Load Impenance> 1500 Ohms
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Core Features of MXL R80 Microphone

Here are the main features of the MXL R80 Ribbon Microphone that are very useful and which makes it more worthy Ribbon Microphon at this price point.

  1. All metal construction
  2. No power required
  3. Daily use recording microphone
  4. Suitable for guitar cabinets and horns
  5. Figure 8 Polar pattern (Picks sound from the front and backside of the microphone)
  6. A large amount of rejection 90 off access
  7. Mellow sound with a rich midrange

Every product does have some good things and some bad as well. I have found some pros and cons as well of MXL R80 which will give you an idea of the reliability of MXL R80 mic.

Pros and Cons of MXL R80 Ribbon Microphone

  • MXL R80 microphone sounds excellent when paired with an adequate preamp
  • Phantom power is not required.
  • Made for high output instruments
  • High SPL Capability for loud instruments
  • All metal construction
  • Affordable pricing
  • If you step into this expecting the onboard preamps of a mid-range recording interface to handle the job, you will be disappointed.

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Alternative of MXL R80 Microphone

To be honest, you don’t need to be searching for the alternative as this microphone is perfect.

If you need some higher specs or something else, you can check out our list of the best studio microphones.

Still, if you want, you can check out MXL 990 as the alternative of this microphone.

You can also check: In-Depth Blue Spark SL Condenser Microphone Review

MXL R80 Microphone: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some questions that I found few people asking related to MXL R80 which might be useful for you as well.

Is the mxl r80 ribbon microphone a low impedance microphone?

Yes, MXL R80 ribbon microphone is a low impedance microphone. The impedance of MXL R80 is 250 ohms.

What is a good preamp for the MXL R80 ribbon microphone?

You can use the ribbon preamp which will be better in your choice for MXL R80 mic. It will boost the performance of your mic.

Will a cloudlifter enhance the performance of the MXL R80 ribbon microphone?

Yes, a cloudlifter will enhance the performance and noise cancellation of MXL R80 Ribbon Microphone.

Final Words

MXL R80 is the perfect ribbon microphone for those who want to use it for daily recording.

If you are a youtube who has just started a youtube channel, or a podcaster or someone in the online field, this microphone is a perfect and affordable solution for you.

You can even practice your vocals on this microphone as well (Not ideal for Vocal recordings but you can do the practice. If you want you can check out the best microphones for vocal)

MXL R80 is worth buying a microphone that you should consider for your daily recording uses.

If you have any questions or want to share your MXL R80 experience, please do it in the comments section below. It will help everyone.

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