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Fifine T669 Review: Features, Pros, and Cons

Fifine T669 Review

If you need Fifine T669 to record vocals and stream your content online, then you have made the right decision. The T669 is an amazing vocal microphone for recording that has very pure sound and clean recording without distortion and background noise. There are many microphones in the market that provide professional sound, but they come at a very high price.

In this blog post, I have shared Fifine T669 Review with all its features, pros, and cons, etc.

Fifine T669 Review

The Fifine T669 is a large-diaphragm USB microphone that provides excellent recording and voice capturing abilities. Having a good signal-to-noise ratio, this mic leaves no mark behind with its wide frequency response. Based on a cardioid polar pattern, it minimized any kind of off-axis noises, including the room ambiance, monitors, and off-axis instruments.

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The results that you get from this mic are high-quality sound output for streaming which gives a quiet. Noise-free results while maintaining maximum signal gain. This mic is easy to attach with its USB connectivity, kid, and C-clamp that is fixed to a mic stand. There is a detachable USB cable to provide a secure locking connection and excellent signal transfer.

Having a broadcasting arm helps it to provide extra height that extends over the studio monitors. It’s the ideal mic for broadcast, voiceover, streaming content online, and podcasts so that users can make their best of the recordings.

Fifine T669 Specifications

Microphone Fifine T669
Type Condenser
Polar Pattern Cardioid
Frequency Response 20Hz – 20KHz
Sensitivity 34dB
S/N Ratio 78dB
Sampling Rate 1 Channel, 16bit, 48000Hz
Connectivity USB 2.0
Material Metal and Plastic
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Now I will discuss some of the features that Fifine T669 has to offer to the users.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is tough with this microphone, and I really like the vocal mic sitting really well with my voice in every tone. It can handle the SPL pretty well, and you can set good notes with this microphone.

It is ideal for project/home-studio applications. The cardioid condenser pattern offers a clear sound for discussing, composing, and recording. You can make your podcasts, broadcast new, and stream your live content on different websites with this clear audio microphone.


There is nothing to criticize about the sound quality of Fifine T669 Microphone and its performance. It is like the premium quality microphones but a better and lower cost option that won’t leave you in big tricks. You can turn it on and use it for any intent or purpose, and it will just go with the flow.

It performs best when it is used for digital recordings in a gathering or any place where you need to catch every bit of the sound with clear input. The dial, when set to max, will catch every voice clearly due to its sensitivity, and you will be ready to record an environment or a surrounding.

I cherished how open this mic was making recording and providing me the best output as well. There should have been a mute button on the mic just in case as it is useful sometimes, but still, the manufacturers have made this mic very simple to use with very little complexities.

USB Output

USB Microphone Kit is added with this mic that gives a direct advantageous attachment and-play connectivity with Mac and Windows PCs with no extra equipment for recording vocals, webcasts, and Skype. It’s never been simpler to get excellent sound for your voice and PC-based sound profiles.

It is an all-metal body with a smooth dark finish having unfaltering quality as all FIFINE USB microphones have. Through a USB connectivity port, it can be connected to mobile phones and iPhones easily.

Sturdy Arm Set

It has a scissor arm that gives you incredible instruments for catching your voice in a digital broadcast or voiceover. The Double Pop Filter gives two layers of dissemination, eliminates the surge of air that is blown into the vocal along with vocals, minimizing the popping sounds. It allows for better sound recording without any distortion and vibration.

Easy Connectivity

The streaming mic has a flexible studio scissor Arm Stand that includes a sturdy combo mount that comprises a durable C-clip and a separable desktop mount. With a 13″ fixed level arm, and offers a 30″ reach. The low-profile configuration permits liveability to perform without facial blocks to record webcasts or make naming sounds for recordings or to record and chat with anyone through the web.

Accessory Package

The scissor arm stand with this mic is made out of all steel body, solid and tough, premium 8.2′ USB cable, a stand, a studio-grade shock mount, a twofold pop channel, an amplifier for webcast recording, a client manual, and amicable Technical Support.

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Pros and Cons

  • Sensitivity to high and low tones
  • Reasonably priced
  • Sturdy construction and durable metal body
  • Easy suspension and voice handling
  • noise reduction
  • No mute button
  • No LED indicator
  • No headphone jack

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FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Fifine a good brand?

Fifine is a microphone brand with a great selection of quality microphones that deliver extraordinary output to the users. All of their microphones are very well established, and they provide a warm and smooth recording feel that gives you a very useful output.

Is Fifine T669 good for singing?

Fifine T669 is a great option for podcasts and singers to record their vocals.

Conclusion: Should you buy Fifine T669B?

So, finally, you can see what qualities this microphone brings to the table and where it lacks some features. It is a good microphone overall that I would like to recommend to the podcasters or streamers that spend their time on the internet for broadcasting and podcasting their messages and keep chatting to other players online.

I hope you find Fifine T669 review useful, and I will be reviewing more mics like this. Stay connected with my forum, and do leave your reply in the comment section below for this article.

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