Top 5 Best GoPro Microphone in 2021

Were you looking for the best microphone for GoPro? There are lots of mics out there having different features that play a significant role in using a microphone with GoPro. These mics differ on the basis of polar pattern, frequency response, and audio sensitivity, etc.

There have been many questions about which brand is the best and which mic of a certain brand is leading the competition. Well, according to our research and analysis, there are few microphones that are the leading products and outstand all the other mics in various ways.

We have made a list of the best GoPro Microphone on the basis of their features and specifications. Let’s take a deep look.

Best GoPro Microphone

Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick
Rode Microphones VideoMicro Compact
Best GoPro Microphone Check On Amazon
Premium Pick
Sennheiser MKE 400
Premium Quality GoPro Microphone Check On Amazon
Movo GM100 Clip-on Lavalier/VXR10
Pocket-Friendly GoPro Microphone Check On Amazon
Popular brand
Shure VP83
Best in brand GoPro Microphone Check On Amazon
Best Wireless
BOYA WM2G Lavalier Wireless
Best Wireless GoPro Microphone Check On Amazon

Rode Microphones VideoMicro Compact

Rode Microphones is a top-class manufacturing brand for mics. They have the best mics in different categories for each type of user, starting from low budget to high cost. One of their successful microphones is the VideoMicro Compact.

Rode Microphones VideoMicro Compact

The VideoMicro is the best mic for GoPro that is made especially for video cameras to improve the quality of audio in the recorded videos. This is a compact mic having a cardioids condenser capsule to provide a good quality audio input for different cameras.

This mic comes with an aluminum body and a high-grade black ceramic anti-glare coating to give a perfect designer look. There is also a shoe mount featuring a Rycote Lyre shock mount that is added to minimize the vibrations caused by any movements and remove certain noise from the mic.

The frequency response time from this mic is 100Hz – 20 kHz with a maximum SPL of 140db. The polar pattern for this microphone is cardioids that are perfectly suitable for providing high-quality audio input with different cameras and phones.

This is a directional microphone, and it avoids any kind of environmental sounds and only focuses on the audio input that is coming in from the front of the camera. This makes a really good microphone for shooting indoor and outdoor videos to capture the sound in clear audio to accompany inspiring vision.

With all the features that come with this microphone, it is easy to say that this is the best choice for vloggers who made videos in the neighborhood or mobile journalists, as well as also for those who love to make videos while traveling or walking somewhere.

  • Shoe mount suspension to reduce vibration sounds
  • Avoids environmental noises
  • Runs on Plug-In Power
  • Simple Operation with No Controls

Sennheiser MKE 400

Sennheiser is the brand that makes such great quality headphones that are sold worldwide. The brand manufactures microphones for all ranges according to the quality and features being offered with them. One of the best products from Sennheiser is the MKE 400.

Sennheiser MKE 400

The MKE 400 is a capable and adjustable microphone that comes with its own integrated shock mount. The advantage of this shock mount with the microphone is that it can be attached to your video camera, being used to reduce any movement sounds and vibrations or any common noise source to provide a perfect clear audio output.

This best GoPro mic is constructed out of a metal body which makes it highly durable along with a shock mount. Other than the shock mount, the mic also has a foam windscreen which is designed to remove any wind noise from the mic. The design of this mic is decent and can be accepted universally by anyone who loves shooting indoor videos without any noise.

This mic uses a super-cardioid/lobar polar pattern with a frequency of 40Hz – 20kHz to capture clear audio that is coming from the front of the mic. It delivers more clear and detailed audio with its low-noise electronics and a sensitive condenser element. The SPL range of this mic is 126db.

Due to the integral shock mount with the microphone, the audio is very clear as it stops the transfer of vibrations such as handling noise. There is a foam windscreen at the front that is to stop any unwanted sound from wind, breeze, fan, etc., in the mic. There is also a furry windshield that can be bought separately to capture and input sound like a professional camcorder.

Such a kind of mic is highly suggested for those people who are recording videos for their YouTube Channels or for singing songs without background music. It can also be used by journalists.

  • Rugged, durable metal body
  • Maximum side noise rejection
  • Switchable wind noise filter
  • Good battery life of 300 hrs
  • Integral shock-mount
  • Foam windshield
  • The metal body makes it heavier than other microphones

Movo GM100 Clip-on Lavalier/VXR10

Movo is an international brand famous for producing high-quality microphones. The organization is dedicated to innovation, and its products are always something new and very compact, having all the features. One of the famous products is the Movo GM100 compact microphone.

Movo GM100 Clip-on Lavalier/VXR10

The GM100 is a small microphone made up of high quality and durable body. This mic may have a small size, and users may think that this mic may not be up to the satisfactory mark, but this is what anyone will want to be used for their recordings. It is a compact mic that weighs only 1.6 ounce which is portable and easy to use just by plugging it into a camera or smartphone.

The body of this mic comes with a windscreen to reduce the wind noise and environmental sounds. It also has a Tie-clip to hold the mic, and these components are compact in size, making it a very small and stylish mic to fit inside many camera cases. The body also has an attached 3.9′ cable, which features a 3.5mm TRS mini-plug that can be used with cameras and audio recorders.

The GM100’s has an omnidirectional polar pattern with a frequency response of 35Hz – 18kHz and an SPL of 74db to deliver a consistent audio input from all the directions. You can use the Pop Filter to enhance the noise rejection in your microphone when you are in the windy area.

The high-quality audio is recorded with this mic with a convenient and quick setup with the use of a windscreen that attenuates the noise from breaths and rustling. Its omnidirectional pickup pattern is so clear that it allows you to get some audio from the environment while still getting your voice clearly recorded in the video.

This microphone is best recommended for travelers, moto vloggers, and for hikers who love hiking and making videos. Any sportsmanlike a motorcyclist can also use this mic with his helmet cam for recording clear audio during the run.

  • Omni Pickup Pattern
  • Includes a windscreen and also a wind muff
  • There are no batteries required
  • The mic is very compact in size, and you have to be extremely careful in taking care of it

Shure VP83

Shure is another famous Microphone brand that has been in the business for a very long time. This brand has one of the finest mics available in the market for different purposes and additional specs. One of the greatest products from Shure is the VP83 Shotgun mic.

Shure VP83

The Shure VP83 is an amazing microphone that is capable of being used with cameras like DSLR or a camcorder to provide quality sound in the recorded videos. It is called a shotgun microphone which has two sliders to adjust the gain and low cut filter for clearing out the sound.

The mic comes with three-position gain switches on its body that fit well with any recording environment. The body of this mic is made up of metal, giving it a more solid shape and durability. There is also an integrated Rycote Lyre shock mount to reduce unwanted noise and eliminate any shake sound or vibrations.

This mic is an electric condenser cartridge that features a super-cardioid/lobar polar pattern and frequency response of 50Hz – 20kHz for superior noise rejection and good audio quality. The max SPL of this mic is 129db.

The VP8, with all of its packed features, enables a user to capture high-definition audio in its video recordings with any type of camera. There is a foam windscreen that protects the audio from any kind of wind noise interruption while shooting outdoors.

This type of mic is best recommended for hikers and travelers. It is also the best recommendation for a person who is willing to shoot outdoor scenes as well as in-door videos.

  • Highly directional super-cardioid polar pattern
  • Wide frequency range with a high sensitivity
  • Integrated Rycote Lyre shock mounting to reduce vibration
  • The build quality isn’t as good as advertised

BOYA WM2G Lavalier Wireless

BOYA is an international brand that manufactures easy-to-setup and useful microphones that record pretty good audio. Most of the BOYA mics are for the people who want to record podcasts or such. One of the great products of BOYA is the BY-WM2G wireless lavalier mic.

BOYA WM2G Lavalier Wireless

BOYA BY-WM2G is an amazing microphone that is a good choice for a low price having many features included with it, such as a wireless microphone for cameras and smartphones. It has great audio clarity to pick up the best sounds.

This mic has a very compact design, and it weighs very little. The body includes a hot shoe and clip for easy installation set up, and this mic is of great quality that it can be used for interviews and video recording, etc.

BY-WM2G has an omnidirectional polar pattern that offers great audio pick up and clear recording for any videos that are recorded with DSLR or a camcorder, GoPro, etc. The frequency response of this mic is 35Hz – 14kHz with an SPL of 80db. Try it out with the Pop Filter to get the best noise rejection.

The omnidirectional audio pick-up of this mic is very clear and is designed for vocal or video use. This makes it to provide a clear audio recording or voice recording in any videos under any situation.

Such a kind of mic is best suitable for people who prefer to record videos using their cameras, such as YouTubers or Podcasters. The mic is also supported with smartphones, and it can even be used for recording interviews by journalists.

  • Wide Compatibility
  • The receiver is compatible with most devices such as DSLR Cameras and smartphones
  • A compact design and a lightweight body
  • The quality of the mic isn’t as good as new after sometime

You won’t find any USB Condenser Microphone in the above list as most of the GoPro microphone does not have the USB connectivity. Many content creators use Blue Snowball iCE microphone which has a USB cable, but they are not that flexible for GoPro. You won’t even find the Dynamic Microphone as it will capture a lot of background sound instead of capturing the person who is shooting.

Best GoPro Microphone: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which microphone is best for GoPro surgical use?

The best microphone that you can use for GoPro surgical use are:
· Rode VideoMic models
· Sennheiser MKE 440
· Shure VP83

What is the best wireless microphone for GoPro hero 3?

According to our research and analysis, the best mic for GoPro Hero 3 are:
·   Rode VideoMic Pro Shotgun Microphone
·   REMOVU Wireless Microphone.
·   Movo Lavalier Microphone
·   BOYA Wireless Microphone.
·   Sennheiser Compact Microphone.
·   Saramonic Compact Microphone.

What GoPro has the best microphone?

·   GoPro Hero 5
·   GoPro Hero 6
·   GoPro Hero 3
·   And Hero 4 Microphone Adapter.

Why doesn’t best buy carry a GoPro microphone adapter?

Best buy sold a terrible GoPro Microphone adapter that wasn’t loved by critics. There are several negative feedbacks from the clients regarding this, due to which you cant get a GoPro mic adapter.


This was a detailed discussion on the best GoPro Microphones. The data that we provided here is taken on the basis of our experience and research over these microphones. All of these mics are from different brands, and each model has its unique features to entertain the user according to his needs.

If you are still confused and want my suggestion then I will recommend you to go with the Rode Microphones VideoMicro Compact without giving a thought. It is the microphone that is into very budget friendly pricing range with perfect fit as GoPro microphone based on all the features and specifications.

Which microphone you are going to pick? Do let me know in the comments below.

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