Top 10 Best Dynamic Microphones For Streaming (2021)

It is irritating when you are streaming live in front of many people, but suddenly your voice starts crashing, getting some noise from your background, or it is just not working fine at all. Isn’t that frustrating?

Especially in times like this, when many people are streaming live lectures and everything. It is super important to have the perfect microphone with the best quality to have a pleasant experience for yourself and your listeners.

There are many types of microphones available in the market, such as condenser mic, dynamic mic, lapel mic, USB mic, and much more. Finding a perfect microphone for streaming is a bit tricky to do.

Looking for a dynamic microphone for streaming or live? But have no experience or know nothing about microphones? No issue. I got you covered.

I have shared the top 10 best dynamic microphones for streaming from various selections and based on different conditions. You just have to pick one of the best microphones given below that fits best for you, and you are good to go.

Best Dynamic Microphone For Streaming

Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick
Shure SM7B
Industry-standard microphone for streaming Check On Amazon
Runner Up
Rode Procaster
Highly suggested microphone for streaming Check On Amazon
Budget Friendly
Shure SM58
Best in terms of pricing microphone for streaming Check On Amazon
Best for beginners
Best entry-level microphone for streaming Check On Amazon
Gamer’s Choice
Razer Seiren Elite USB
Best for gamers microphone for streaming Check On Amazon
Easiest to use
Easy to use the microphone for streaming Check On Amazon
Cheapest Dynamic Microphone
Samson Q2U USB/XLR
Cheapest microphone for streaming Check On Amazon
Premium Choice
Electro-Voice RE27N/D
Premium quality microphone for streaming Check On Amazon
Extra Features
Electro-Voice RE20
Best in terms of features microphone for streaming Check On Amazon
Perfect with Bass Amp
Heil PR-40
Best for bass amp microphone for streaming Check On Amazon

Shure SM7B

Shure is one of the top-quality microphones recommended by some of the best and popular content creators. Shure is one of the very experienced companies that produce the most versatile microphones.

Shure SM7B

Shure is known as one of the best dynamic microphones available in the market. Shure SM7B is the microphone that Michael Jackson used to record his songs. Top content creators use it like Joe Rogan for podcasting. Thus, you can guess the popularity of this microphone.

Shure SM7B is the cardioid dynamic microphone. The mic looks super attractive in terms of design, and it has durable construction quality as well.

The frequency response of the Shure SM7B microphone is 50Hz to 20KHz. It has a slight low bottom end, yet it is perfect at picking voice and not picking unwanted noise at all.

The mic is perfect for voiceovers as it gives you that extra crisp in the voice that you need to add more assertion. You can also use this mic for other stuff like meetings, interviews, podcasts, etc. The microphone is one of the most versatile dynamic microphones.

If you are looking for the ultimate dynamic microphone for streaming and live, then Shure SM7B is one of the best picks for you.

Features of Shure SM7B Microphone

Uniform capture
Cardioid polar pattern
Dynamic microphone
Suspension shock isolation
Very low noise
Advanced electromagnetic shielding
The frequency response of 50Hz to 20KHz
150 ohms impedance

  • Crystal clear natural sound
  • Great design
  • Great sound isolation
  • Great noise rejection
  • You will need a preamp with 60dB

Rode Procaster

Rode has some great quality microphones and other accessories. I love the designs of the Rode microphone. They always try to make it more attractive and unique.

Rode Procaster

Rode Procaster is one of the microphones that I got recommended most by many industry experts for streaming, podcasting, and anything you can do to create content in your studio.

It is the microphone made for broadcasting and stuff like that. It is a professional broadcast quality dynamic microphone with high output dynamic capsule.

Rode Procaster is a unidirectional microphone (cardioid polar pattern) famous for featuring a tight polar pattern and tailored-for-voice frequency response. This microphone will fit anywhere when you need bit boosted sound with perfect noise cancellation.

Rode Procaster microphone is one of the best microphones for streaming games and anything you want.

Procaster does have a unique design which makes it stand out. The built quality of the microphone is super rigid, and you will love it.

Rode Procaster microphone has a frequency response of 75Hz to 18KHz, which is good enough, but I expected the lower frequency to be at least 40Hz for some vocals.

It balances out the microphone’s impedance output, which makes the sound bit boosted yet natural as well. Internal shock mounting of capsule works best to reduce the noise from the background.

You will love to stream and record high-end sources like rap, instrumentals, etc., with this microphone. Although, recording vocals won’t be that pleasant experience with this microphone.

It does have a 3-pin XLR connectivity which is very easy and does not require any technical stuff.

If you are looking for a dynamic microphone for streaming with great design and the one which goes best with the studio environment, then Rode Procraster is one of the best picks for you.

Features of Rode Procaster Microphone

Broadcast quality sound
High output dynamic capsule
Balanced, low impedance output
Internal shock mounting of capsule for low handling noise
Internal pop-filter to reduce plosives
Robust, all-metal construction
Ten years warranty

  • Versatile microphone
  • Great design and durable built quality (All metal construction)
  • Internal pop-filer to reduce background noise
  • Perfect for streaming, podcasting, interviews, rapping, etc.
  • It won’t go perfectly with vocals.

Shure SM58

When you choose a Shure microphone, you will always get multiple options for certain types of microphones. They still have some variations and the best alternatives for their microphones.

Shure SM58

Shure SM58 is the industry-standard dynamic microphone for podcasting and live interviews. Shure SM58 is the Cardioid Dynamic Microphone which is the preferred dynamic microphone for live shows. There are very few dynamic microphones with cardioid polar patterns.

SM58 is one of the best dynamic microphones for Facebook live or YouTube streaming that you can choose. The cardioid polar pattern does most of the job and reduces all the unwanted sound from the behind and microphone sides.

It is best for live performance and streaming as well. The sound quality of the microphone is a bit boosted and seems quite clear and loud as well.

The frequency response of SM58 is 50Hz to 15KHz, and it does have the XLR connector as the connectivity option.

It does have the pneumatic shock mount system, which cuts down the noise level to almost no noise, which is excellent with the dynamic microphone when you are doing the live performances.

If you are looking for a dynamic microphone that you can use for live streaming, which gives a bit of boost in the bottom end, then Shure SM58 is one of the best dynamic microphones picks for you. You can even use it for vocals, unlike Rode Procaster.

Features of Shure SM58 Microphone

Unidirectional Polar Pattern
XLR Connector
Brightened midrange and bass roll-off to control proximity effect
Steel-mesh grille and enamel-coated metal construction
Advanced pneumatic shock mount system
Effective built-in pop-filter

  • #1 Dynamic Vocal Microphone.
  • Best built quality
  • Affordable
  • Best for stage performance
  • Not perfect for low pitch sound


MXL is the microphone with many microphones; thus, we have reviewed many individual MXL microphones on our site. They have the most budget-friendly microphones in the market. Here’s the budget-friendly dynamic microphone for streaming if that’s what you are looking.


MXL does produce most of the condenser microphone, yet here is the dynamic podcast microphone made especially for podcasting for content creators.

MXL BCD-1 microphone is famous for its high output and low noise in very budget-friendly pricing. It is a professional broadcast and podcast dynamic microphone with a unique and attractive design. The built quality of the microphone is impressive.

The microphone is optimized perfectly for speech applications. Thus it makes a perfect sound in streaming, gaming, and live recordings. It has an internal shock mount and internal pop filter to avoid the self-noise from the stand or table and avoid background noise.

The noise rejection from the side is perfect with this microphone that it works fine even if you don’t record it in the studio.

The frequency response of the MXL BCD-1 microphone is 40Hz to 15KHz. The microphone produces a very smooth sound and won’t boost the sound to an extension to change its pace. You will get the natural sound output.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly dynamic microphone for streaming, then MXL BCD-1 is the best pocket-friendly choice for you.

Features of MXL BCD-1 Microphone

Dynamic mic with high output and low noise
Internal shock mount
Built-in pop filter
Tuned grill that eliminates internal reflections
Perfect noise rejection
Optimized for speech applications
Built-in swivel mount for positioning

  • Affordable
  • Unique design and durable built quality
  • Eliminates noise perfectly
  • Easily portable
  • None that I found

Razer Seiren Elite USB

Razer is a brand that is for gamers and online streamers. They make products mainly for gamers and content creators with extra features, controls, and quality.

Razer Seiren Elite USB

Razer Seiren Elite is the microphone that is compared a lot with the other microphone Shure SM7B. It is a professional microphone which is made especially for streaming itself. It is also my favorite microphone on this list.

Razer Seiren Elite USB Microphone does have a very charming and attractive look which is obvious because it is a gaming microphone. The microphone is all made up of Aluminum construction which makes it quite durable as well.

Razer Seiren Elite microphone is popular because of the features this microphone has. You won’t get this many features in another microphone at this pricing point.

Razer Seiren Elite has the best sound output, perfect for streaming, live gaming, etc. It gives you to complete professional and gamers vibes.

The frequency response of the Razer Seiren Elite microphone is 50Hz to 20KHz, which is quite impressive. You can use this for instrumentals as well.

The microphone has perfect noise cancellation, which you need for streaming. You get so many other controls as well to control the output sound. It has a super-cardioid Pick-Up Pattern.

The microphone has USB connectivity, and it is super easy in terms of portability and connection.

If you are looking for a dynamic microphone with the best features and controls, Razer Seiren Elite is the microphone you should put your hands on. I will highly recommend this microphone for streaming or gaming.

Features of Razer Seiren Elite Microphone

Professional Grade High-Pass Filter
Built-In Shock Mount
Super cardioid Pick-Up Pattern
Anodized Aluminum
USB Connectivity
Digital/Analog Vocal Limiter
16 bit/48kHZ Resolution
Zero Latency Monitoring

  • Charming design and durable built quality
  • Eliminates noise perfectly
  • Easy connectivity and portability
  • Clear, crisp signal with adjustable gain and subtle DSP
  • Includes high-pass filter button
  • Audible hiss at mid-to-high gain levels

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AT ATR2100x

Audio Technica is one of the most loved brands in the industry. They have some bestseller microphones. They are famous for some of the premium quality microphones.

AT ATR2100x

AT ATR2100x is one of the best entry-level dynamic microphones for podcasting and streaming. Many experts have recommended it for those who are just starting streaming or content creation.

This microphone has both USB and XLR connectivity, making it easy for you to connect and go with this microphone. It is one of the best microphones in low-budget pricing. If you want the alternate budget-friendly choice of Shure SM58 microphone, AT ATR2100x is the best pick.

AT ATR2100x has the classical dynamic microphone design like other stage microphones, which some people might not like, but it is quite durable in terms of built quality.

AT ATR2100x microphone does have a frequency response of 50Hz to 15KHz, which is perfect for streaming and some instrumentals.

ATR2100x microphone has the cardioid polar pattern, which only picks the sound from the microphone’s front side and avoids all the unwanted sound nicely. It does have a built-in analog-to-digital converter for USB, which comes in handy in times.

The microphone sound quality is quite impressive as it produces the best results while streaming live.

If you want another alternative budget-friendly microphone with much simpler connectivity, then AT ATR2100x is the best pick for you.

Features of AT ATR2100x Microphone

Cardioid Polar Pattern
USB and XLR Connectivity
Headphone output jack with level control
Built-in analog-to-digital convertor
192 Hz Signal to Noise ratio
Durable metal construction
High-quality A/D converter
Excellent frequency response
Tripod or stand clamp use

  • Best for beginners
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use and connectivity (USB & XLR)
  • Best noise cancellation
  • Best for streaming
  • Bit trippy sound at the low end

Samson Q2U

Samson is a brand that you must have already heard. It is one of the old companies in the electronics industry. They have quite varieties of products. Their experience in this industry makes them stand out.

Samson Q2U

Samson Q2U is the cheapest microphone on this list. If you have to go much deeper with the price, then you can go with this. Samson Q2U is the USB/XLR Dynamic Microphone. Don’t get confused!

Q2U is the USB dynamic microphone made for studio stuff like streaming, podcasting, and recordings. You will be a bit surprised by this mic’s design, but yes, it is compatible with your computer.

Q2U does have analog and digital vocal requirements. It has only one polar pattern being the dynamic microphone.

It has got a high-quality A/D converter with a sample rate of 16-bit/48 kHz. The frequency response of Samson Q2U is 50 Hz to 15kHz, which I think is a bit insufficient than the condenser mics.

Q2U produces a nice and crisp sound output, which is necessary for the recording vocals.

You will surely be satisfied with the sound quality of this microphone. Also, you can enjoy the feel of performing live because it the dynamic microphone.

If you are looking for the cheapest dynamic microphone for streaming for beginners, then Samson Q2U is the microphone that you can opt for.

Features of Samson Q2U Microphone

Cardioid Polar Pattern
USB and XLR Connector
Zero-latency monitoring
Easy to set up
Headphone Output: 1/8″ (3.5mm)

  • Affordable
  • Natural sound output
  • USB & XLR connectivity
  • None at this price point

Electro-Voice RE27N/D

Electro-Voice is a brand that does not have many microphones in the market, yet whichever microphones they have launched are of premium quality in an affordable pricing range.

Electro-Voice RE27N/D

Electro-Voice RE27N/D is the microphone that falls in the category of premium quality microphones in mid-range pricing. Electro-Voice RE27N/D is a dynamic cardioid multipurpose microphone famous for switchable filters and many other premium features.

The sound quality of the microphone is pure at best. You will get the premium quality sound output with all the natural sound you want. You can even control your sound output using the switchable given for broadness or thickness in the sound.

Electro-Voice RE27N/D has a frequency response of 45Hz to 18KHz, which is perfect for any dynamic microphone. You won’t hear any unwanted sound from this microphone’s background because of the best noise cancellation.

It does have an internal windscreen blast filter and shock mount to enhance the sound quality at its best.

If you are looking for a premium dynamic microphone for streaming, then Electro-Voice RE27N/D microphone is the microphone you should put your hands on.

Features of Electro-Voice RE27N/D Microphone

Cardioid Polar Pattern
Three switchable filters: one high frequency
Two low frequencies
Internal windscreen blast filter
Internal shock mount

  • Premium quality built
  • Switchable filters
  • No noise at all
  • Natural and smooth sound quality
  • None that I found

Electro-Voice RE20

Electro-Voice does have some variations and options in their premium quality microphone list. You always get choices when you are going to get yourself a premium product.

Electro-Voice RE20

Electro-Voice RE20 is the microphone which is popular because of their unique features and premium quality microphones. Many industry experts recommend it for broadcasting.

The design of the microphone is unique, yet many people might not like it. It does have all-aluminum construction, which is quite durable and reliable as well.

This is one of the most popular and recommended microphones in the industry for bass amps.

The sound quality of the microphone is super extraordinary., You will get the professional studio-like audio output even in the standard setup or even on an area full of noise.

The frequency response of the Electro-Voice RE20 microphone is 45Hz – 18KHz, more than enough for a dynamic microphone for streaming.  It does have a balanced impedance of 150 ohms.

RE20 does have the top quality noise rejection as it has a large-diaphragm capsule. It comes with the Variable-D. The bass boosting proximity effect is easily eliminated in the RE20.

You might need some advanced knowledge about the microphones to understand the microphone’s features and sound output.

Electro-Voice RE20 is one of the most favorite microphones of broadcast show hosts and over-over studios. Ideal for instrument recording, especially kick drums and acoustics guitars. For streaming, this microphone will have no worries to think about.

Suppose you are looking for a premium microphone for streaming with premium quality sound and some additional core features. In that case, Electro-Voice RE20 is the microphone you can keep your eyes on.

Features of Electro-Voice RE20 Microphone

Broadcast Announcer Microphone
Variable-D for minimal proximity effect
Steel case and hum-bucking coil provide exceptional magnetic shielding.
Large Acoust alloy diaphragm and low-mass aluminum voice-coil
Studio condenser response yet no powering required and immune to overloading.

  • Variable-D for minimal proximity effect
  • No noise at all
  • Humbucking coil
  • Bass roll-off switch
  • Enhances Vocal Clarity
  • Durable Built Quality
  • Option for the suspension shock mount
  • Bit expensive
  • Front-heavy with a mic clip

Heil PR-40

Heil is a company which is known very well for many innovations and making something different. They have some of the best features in their microphones.

Heil PR40

Heil PR40 is the professional microphone made for a boosted bass amp. It is helpful for streaming.

Heil PR40 is the Dynamic Cardioid Studio Microphone. This microphone is the most professional microphone on this list.

The design of this mic is very classical, and it is made of an all-steel body. It does make it more durable and reliable as well.

This microphone produces the best audio quality for a bass amp. It works smoothly with vocals in your studio as well.

Heil PR40 is also known as the thoroughbred work-horse microphone due to its quality and performance. Heil PR40 is one of the most versatile microphones you can get on this list. It is an all-rounder microphone.

The frequency response of Heil PR40 is 28Hz to 18KHz. It does capture all the low-frequency sounds nice. The noise rejection of this mic is perfect as it works for the studio as well.

If you are not convinced with the Electro-Voice RE20 in terms of pricing, then Heil PR40 is the mic that you should keep your eyes on. This is one of the most popular and professional mics for a bass amp.

If you want the versatile microphone for your bass amp recordings and want to feel some professional mic, Heil PR40 is the mic you should pick.

Features of Heil PR40 Microphone

Cardioid Polar Pattern
Large 1-1/2″ aluminum diaphragm
Comprehensive frequency response, down to 28Hz
End fire, cardioid pattern
Low handling noise
Natural articulation

  • All-rounder microphone (versatile)
  • Enough bass extension from kick drums and bass instruments
  • Copes well with all frequencies
  • Multi-Mic Setup
  • Bit expensive

Best Dynamic Microphones For Streaming: Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Here’s everything you should check in the microphone while you are buying a dynamic microphone for streaming.

Polar Pattern

Usually, dynamic microphones do have an omnidirectional polar pattern that captures the sound from all directions. That is good for a group singing or live stage performance. For streaming or gaming, you will need a microphone with the cardioid polar pattern.

Frequency Response

Frequency response is how much Hz sound a microphone can capture. It is usually shown in the range from 20Hz to 20KHz, which is the frequency that the human ear can hear.

For a dynamic microphone for streaming, the frequency response from 50Hz to 15KHz is ideal. Winder the range, the better it is to use it in various uses.

Built Quality

Make sure to check the material used in the microphone. If the material is metal or aluminum, then it tends to be more durable and reliable.


It does matter to look at the design of the microphone when you have the best setup. Many people look at the design as one of the core parts of the microphone. You should always go with the microphone design you like and the one that goes well with your setup.


I have always been saying this all the time. Always stick with your budget. There are plenty of microphones available for you with various variations. You can still get the best microphone for yourself in any budget. Choose the best microphone in your budget.


Check what kind of features you are getting in the microphone. If you are getting some extra features with the exact pricing, then that microphone can give you more control over the sound output.


Check the connectivity type of the microphone. It might be USB, XLR, or an ideal phantom power supply. The USB connection is much easier than the other connectivity options.

Make sure you are comfortable with whatever connectivity option you choose.


You have now seen the top 10 dynamic microphones and the things you should consider before purchasing (in buyer’s guide).

If you are still confused or just want my suggestion, I will suggest you go with Razer Seiren Elite USB Microphone because it is made especially for streaming.

All the microphones listed above are best in terms of quality, performance, and brand as well. You won’t regret getting any of the above microphones at all.

If you have any questions or want more suggestions, please let me know in the comments section.

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